To 2020

2020 will define Sri Lanka’s entire 21st Century story. Prosperity with the SLPP, or poverty under Ranil and Sirisena.

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As the dust settles on the outcome of the no-confidence motion of April 4th, it is clear that on the face of it, nothing has changed. The illegitimate UNP-SLFP coalition which no one voted for continues to muddle its way from crisis to crisis.

Sirisena has refused to accept the resignations of the SLFP ministers who voted against Ranil. Sirisena’s actions on the eve of the no-confidence vote and afterwards show that his betrayal against the Rajapaksas in 2014 was the only betrayal he will commit. He is now wedded to Ranil and will never do anything to oppose or harm his partner. For his part, Ranil has even gone so far as to order his MPs to withdraw the counter-no-confidence motion his own side submitted against those same errant SLFP ministers. With this, the SLFP has finally arrived in the dustbin of history.

And so it is time to look forward to 2020. For me, “2020” is a catch-all term for the raft of policy decisions, political events, and elections that are due between now and the final stabilization of a new government. This process will probably take until late 2020 or early 2021 to complete. “2020” in the sense I use the term is not just about the year 2020 or the election due in that year, but is also about the shifts in the forces of history which will shape our destiny and reveal to us what the rest of this century will be like for Sri Lanka.

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April 4th – Everyone’s True Colours Revealed

Ranil averted a mutiny from his own party and pretended it was a great victory. But the exhaustion on his face reveals how weak his position is.

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The only reason the no-confidence vote was even brought to the floor of the parliament was because there was a sizeable number of UNP members who were unhappy with Ranil’s record of failure as a party leader and as prime minister – most clearly shown by the February 11 results – and who realized that his removal was the only way to save the party.

Going in to the vote, minority extremist support for Ranil – the closest thing to an “Eelam” prime minister since the terrorist defeat in 2009 – was obvious. So, for the no-confidence vote to pass and for Ranil to lose, a significant number of his fellow UNP MPs had to vote against him. The fact that they all eventually decided to fall in line behind Ranil was nothing more than maintenance of the status quo – they didn’t oust him when he was at his weakest point back in 2011-2012, so why would they vote against him when he is the prime minister?

In the end Ranil was only able to enact a damage limitation exercise and stop a mutiny. It is a personal victory for Ranil that he was once again able to keep his position despite massive public rejection. But the exhaustion in his face and the tiredness of his voice after the vote belied how much this has damaged him. The fact that he was at pains to thank his party for supporting him, when that support should be automatic for any real leader of a party, and the prime minister no less, shows not his strength but his true weakness.

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No Confidence

Ranil faces a no-confidence motion. The outcome doesn’t really matter. If he loses, we will be rid of him at last – but it might be even better for the long run if he clings on.

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So, at long last, the day has come. After much struggle, stress and confusion, the No-Confidence Motion is upon us. In this article, I give you my take on what is going on, and why it doesn’t actually matter whether Ranil loses or survives.

What is a no-confidence motion?

“Confidence” in the political sense means that more than half of a country’s legislative body (parliament, senate, congress etc.) supports someone in the government of that country. Usually, the number of supporters required is 50% + 1 of the legislators – a simple majority. Also, no-confidence motions are normally brought to the floor only if the proponents feel that they have the number of votes required for it to pass.

In Sri Lanka, this means that the person whose confidence is being questioned needs 113 votes against the no-confidence motion – that is, 113 votes in favour of that person – in order to survive.

If the prime minister is not able to get the support of 113 members of the parliament, then he does not have the votes to pass any new laws or plans. Simply put, he is unable to lead the country.

Therefore, in most countries where a prime minister loses a no-confidence motion, that person will automatically resign. However, this being Ranil, even after the loss of a no-confidence vote, he may refuse to step down. In fact, many of his supporters are already saying that he doesn’t have to go. Continue reading “No Confidence”

Dayan’s Geneva Circus Revisited

Dayan Jayatilleka always talks about his 2009 UNHRC Resolution. But it was a Trojan horse not worth the paper it was printed on.

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Some “smart” diplomats approved by Dayan Jayatilleka.

Dayan Jayatilleka always mentions the UN Human Rights Council Resolution S-11-1 of 2009. For those unaware, this was a document that came out of the UNHRC just after we won the war, which praised Sri Lanka’s successful fight against Tamil terrorism. Dayan Jayatilleka was Sri Lanka’s representative at the UNHRC, and helped to gather the votes in support of Sri Lanka. There is not an article, speech or interview in which DJ doesn’t refer to this resolution, which apparently is his greatest achievement.

I read the whole resolution with much happiness back then — but soon afterwards I realized the document was actually a Trojan horse which spread the false notions of “discrimination” and “inequality” as a major factor causing the war

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The “Smart” Traitors Among Us

Dayan, Gotabhaya, and Homeland Security — “Smart Patriotism” is the stupidest thing to come out of Dr DJ’s brain (and since he’s a socialist, that’s really saying something!)

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The “smartest” minds of Sri Lanka, together at last?

In February 2015, Dr Dayan Jayatilleka came out with the strange concept of “smart patriotism.” In the ensuing months and years, there has been much noise about this made-up phrase, coming from the whining zoo of incompetents that makes up Sri Lanka’s barely literate English language press.

What is “smart patriotism”? What is a “smart” patriot?

Dayan Jayatilleka does not really provide any definition for this term. He half-heartedly defines “smart patriotism” as being the opposite of yet another of his invented terms, “dumb patriotism.” In his original article, he says “smart patriotism” is a love of the country that is not nationalistic, not chauvinistic and also not “dumb.” Thus he just goes around in circles.

In response to this strange concept, there was a barrage of articles written by various people – terrorist sympathisers, socialists, and liberals alike. But in their counter-arguments, it was plain to see that they also had nothing of significance to contribute. What they wrote boiled down to nothing more than the usual knee-jerk, anti-Mahinda histrionics that was so common during the Rajapaksa administration.

They simply used the association between Dayan Jayatilleka and Mahinda to bash Mahinda as much as possible, and their attacks were even more vulgar than usual because this was happening in early 2015 when the Yahapalana was in its heyday – they took the opportunity to thoroughly attack Sinhalese culture, Sinhalese history, Buddhism, Gotabhaya, and the war against Tamil terrorism.

But let’s get back to the issue at hand, “smart patriotism.”

Having read the original article and subsequent rebuttals he made to his critics, I am none-the-wiser as to what exactly Dayan Jayatilleka is trying to say.

What he seems to be saying – “smart” patriots should love the country, stand up to the hypocritical condemnations of foreign nations, but must also be willing to admit to problems that really do exist – is exactly what patriots are supposed to do.

There is nothing “smart” about that. It is just logical. Patriots love Sri Lanka as the geographical, historical and spiritual embodiment of the Sinhalese race that settled on it, and of the Sinhalese Buddhists who were the first to build the one and only unique civilization found on the island.

Being a blind supporter of whatever happens in your country is called “idiocy,” not “dumb patriotism.” Being patriotic in the manner I have described in the paragraph above, is not “smart” anything, it is simply patriotism.

Furthermore, when citizens of Sri Lanka stand up against a foreign-backed terrorist insurgency, or against the present foreign-backed anti-Buddhist ruling regime, what they are doing is defending the legacy of our ancestors and protecting the great accomplishments of Mahinda and Gotabhaya who preserved that legacy. This is not “chauvinism,” or “nationalism.” It is patriotism.

What this whole nonsense of adding qualifiers to words such as “patriotism” which do not require such qualifiers reveals is only Dayan Jayatilleka’s obsession with himself and his own supercilious egoism. And the criticism levelled against his newest coined term “smart patriotism” is not against the stupidity of the phrase itself, but rather a cudgel with which the Colombo Telegraph-class anti-nationals and foreign suckers attack the country’s patriots. What a disgrace it is that leaders like Wimal Weerawansa and Udaya Gammanpilla are now also labelled as “smart patriots” by the small-minded traitors of the NGOs.

Dayan Jayatilleka often ends up doing more harm than good. To this day his self-professed crowning achievement appears to be his successful resolution at the UN Human Rights Circus shortly after the war in 2009. But that document held up the 13th Amendment as the answer to all of Sri Lanka’s problems, when in fact that Amendment was foisted upon us illegally, is therefore unconstitutional, and since it sows the seeds of separatism directly into the Constitution, it actually needs to be denounced and repealed.

In 2014, Dayan Jayatilleka came out to directly connect Gotabhaya Rajapaksa with the BBS thuggery that reared its evil head at that time. He complained loudly and bitterly that the BBS was a result of the Rajapaksa administration taking advice on post-conflict homeland security from the Israeli defence establishment.

See the vitriol with which he attacked Gotabhaya in 2014, in the video below:

2014: As the tide turned against the Rajapaksa Administration, based on an opposition campaign of lies and slander, a socialist in typical fashion betrays his side and starts blasting Gotabhaya, the man who saved the country.

So Gotabhaya is the “puppet” of Israel (“මෝඩ රූකඩ”), the “man who shaves his beard every morning and sees Netanyahu in the bathroom mirror,” while the “Aiya is for Palestine.” For trying to improve Sri Lanka’s security situation and secure the hard-won peace, Gotabhaya is accused of having become Occupied Territory of Israel, and apparently, might even surround Mahinda’s Presidential Palace just as Israel surrounded Yassir Arafat’s residence in Gaza.

Firstly there is no proof of Dayan Jayatilleka’s claims whatsoever, and secondly, it is well known that Singapore actually followed the advice of the Israelis in developing their own national defense strategy after the break away from Malaysia.

Dayan Jayatilleka often holds up Singapore as a model for Sri Lanka, but apparently he is against the homeland security concepts without which Singapore would have been swallowed up by its much larger and populous neighbors. Without this foundation of homeland security, Singapore would not have been able to develop and become the advanced nation it is today.

There is absolutely no logic in his argument against Gotabhaya. Gotabhaya did not, and Sri Lanka has never, invaded a foreign country. Creating settlements in the North and East, and/or establishing military bases there, is in no way the same as the invasion and occupation of Iraq, for example.

This sort of hare-brained bigotry and nonsensical table thumping makes one wonder the relevance of Dayan Jayatilleka in the 21st Century.

If you think about it, his educational and philosophical underpinning is Marxism and socialism. Have you ever seen him make any speech or write any article which does not mention Marx, Engels, Gramsci, Mao, or Lenin?

The fact that every socialist society that has ever been set up has always ended up killing its own citizens for the good of the “society” doesn’t seem to register with him. Look at Marxist (Maoist) North Korea and compare it with capitalist South Korea. Which one would you want to live in?

Sometimes, he mentions Castro. Look at Cuba today, see how poor and undeveloped it is. Look at Venezuela, a new-comer to socialism. It is home to one of the world’s largest oil reserves, but its citizens are resorting to Bitcoin to preserve their savings because the national currency is in free-fall and the economy has collapsed.

I think it needs to be repeated yet again: Socialism has been tested out all over the world throughout the 20th Century. It has failed. It cannot work. It brings only suffering to whichever society has tried it.

His obsession with socialism has totally clouded his judgement. Let us not forget that he was an early booster of Thisuri Wanniarachchi, an anti-Buddhist, anti-Sinhala harpie who is attempting to bring the latest version of socialism – Social Justice Warrior liberalism based on an anti-gender, anti-masculine, zealotry – to Sri Lanka via the Office of the President.

Back in 2014, Thisuri Wanniararchchi was a self-professed “liberal” and so her fictional story about a terrorist family became for Dayan Jayatilleka, “Sri Lanka’s best post-war novel…a road map to reconciliation and a manifesto for Sri Lanka’s government.” All this praise for someone who at the time didn’t even have a degree.

Really, what planet is Dayan Jayatilleka living on?

And now, in 2018 with the Rajapaksas making a come-back, Jayatilleka attends the SLPP events and gatherings, and today is even trying to burnish his “pro-Gotabhaya” credentials online:

gotagoodguy - Copy
In 2014, Dayan says “when shaving in the morning, Gota sees Netanyahu in the mirror and thinks he is Netanyahu.” In 2018, Dayan says Gota is a good guy. Which of these statements is what Dayan really thinks?

It is sickening to see him sucking up to Gotabhaya now, after the way he attacked him back then. I would venture that the real Dayan Jayatilleka is the screaming monster we see in the video from 2014.

In 2017, when his anti-Gotabhaya speech was exposed, Dayan Jayatilleka had this to say:

gotachanged - Copy

Which begs the question, who the heck is this Marxist to pass judgement on the behavior, ability, suitability and soul of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa? It also begs the question, “Who died and made you God?”

In any case, it is Sirisena who is allowing Ranil to get away with all the treacherous activities such as selling national assets and starting up fake war crimes investigations. However, the big-mouthed Dayan Jayatilleka, so “brave” to attack Gotabhaya back then, today never even whispers the tiniest criticism of his new BFF Sirisena. Why so silent, Mr “credentials and legitimacy”? Wait, I mean, Dr “credentials and legitimacy”.

Returning to the video from 2014, one must ask: How can a decent man utter such filth against a National Hero?

It is completely fine to criticize anyone, but that outburst was no criticism.

Dayan Jayatilleka’s speech was dripping with envy and anger, filled with crude insults, personal attacks on Gotabhaya’s intelligence, and laced with innuendo about a possible illegal takeover of the state by a military apparatus led by the then Defense Secretary. It was the hate-filled bluster of a man who is vengeful, deceitful, and worst of all, someone who is thoroughly dishonest.

We really don’t need “patriots” like this, and as the old saying goes, with “friends” like this charlatan, Mahinda and Gotabhaya don’t need enemies.

Since Dayan Jayatilleka needs it to be spelled out directly, let me go ahead and give him a hand:

Patriotism is like freedom of speech. They are both absolutes. You either have the freedom to speak, or you don’t. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Similarly, you are either a patriot or you are a traitor. There are no flavors or shades of patriotism.

We don’t need disloyal people like you who jump behind whoever is in power. There is no possible reality in which you can be considered a patriot. You are an obstacle at best, and a traitor at worst.

Now please, take your “smartness,” your quotes from socialist madmen like Mao and Marx, your “admiration” for the JVP, and your 20th Century thinking patterns, and leave us alone. It is the 21st Century and we have a country to rebuild.

Original article on “smart patriotism” accessible here.
Images from article here and from Facebook public page.
Dayan Jayatilleka’s response to being exposed as an anti-Gotabhaya agent here.

නුවර සිද්දිය — කාගෙද වැරැද්ද?

duminda - Copy

දුමින්ද ජයසේන කියලා එක්කෙනෙක් වෙබ්සයිට් එකේ ලිපියක් ලියලා තියෙනවා. එයා ලියලා තියෙන්නේ තරුණ තරුණියන්ට රටේ තත්වේය ගැන හිතන්න කියලා, නුවර වෙච්ච සිද්දිය උඩ.

විශේෂයෙන්ම මෙයා කියන්නේ 1983-2009 තිබිච්ච යුද්දය මහා අපරාධයක් කියලා. ඔව්, ඒක ඇත්ත. හැබැයි ඔබ ඔහුගේ වචන සුපරීක්ශාකාරීව අධ්‍යයනය කරනවානම්, වෙනත් අර්ථයක් දැකෙයි.

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Brown People Have White Privilege? Yes, the SJWs have come to Sri Lanka

The story of Thisuri, Donald Trump and Dayan — far-left liberalism arrives in a small Buddhist island called Sri Lanka.

dayanandprotege - Copy
Photo Inset at top right, from left to right: Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha (yellow tie) and Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka (blue shirt, no tie)

Please note this is a long article. I urge you to read the whole thing for an actual dissection of the themes, but if you want to get to the analysis and discussion, please click here.

So Thisuri, hello once again. You must be busy these days, as you strive to be able to prefix your name with the title “Dr.” Who did you get that idea from by the way? Was it Dr. Dayan advising you?

A fictional story by someone without a university degree is “the best post-war novel and a roadmap to reconciliation and manifesto for the government of Sri Lanka” according to Dr. Dayan – high praise indeed. Source.

So as I mentioned in my earlier message to you, my self-anointed task of scraping through the muck that you and your fellow online-yahapalanas produced back during the Rajapaksa period has been quite a revolting experience for me. Not because you were against Rajapaksa per se, but because of all the deliberate lying you did.

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