100 Days, 1000 Lies

Over the course of the last presidential election campaign many allegations were made against the prior government.

A lot of these allegations had already been made in the past by various members of the Opposition. However, with Maithree’s defection and his repetition of these claims — and addition of even more — about corruption and wastage of taxpayer funds, it seemed as if what the Opposition had been saying was in fact true.

Maithree, having been ensconced within the Rajapaksa administration for almost 10 years, was seen as a credible source confirming what had been alleged. The narrative was that being fed up with what he saw, he then took it upon himself to stand against Mahinda in order to end a reign of mismanagement.

Many were therefore very happy that the election was won by Maithree. Soon, a stream of petitioners were seen heading to the Bribery Commission, files of “evidence” in hand. But as the days passed by, nothing happened against the defendants, and then slowly but surely realization dawned. Maithree had carried out one of the greatest electoral frauds in history.

There were no helicopters, no horses and of course, no Lamborghinis. It was all theatrics. A great stage show.

Having been caught red handed, Maithree, his wide-mouthed spokesman Rajitha, and the rest of the unholy alliance which backed him, far from stopping, decided to promulgate even more outlandish accusations and slanders. Trying to cover up one set of lies with another set of even bigger lies? Who knows what a cornered political animal will do.

The purpose of this page is to list and document all the various allegations that were leveled against the previous elected government by the unelected regime which seized power on January 8, 2015, which none other than Ranil himself has dubbed his “junta

Update Apr 15, 2015: I have categorized the various allegations into broad topics. Click for:
Good Governance
National Sovereignty

Some qualifiers to what is listed below:

Please note, this is a work-in-progress and will be amended and added to as new information and clownish allegations are made. For the purposes of cataloging the events, Adaderana’s news page has been used as the primary source. More sources will be added when I have time, but it’s easy to corroborate the events through a simple Google search.

On categorizing the claims, sometimes nepotism and economics, such as the Mahendran case, merge into more than one category. Therefore, in order to maintain the chronology’s integrity, I have decided to include details of, for example, economic mismangement, under the root issue, such as nepotism.


Claim that Maithree would abolish executive presidency
Date: during election campaign source and here and here and here.
Source: Maithree (mainly), Rajitha, Ranil, Champika, Chandrika, Sobitha, Rathane, and others
Verdict: False
— Maithree’s coalition denies manifesto promised to abolish presidency source.
— JHU states they are okay with executive presidency source.
— 19th Amendment does not abolish executive presidency
— 19th Amendment proposes executive president AND executive PM.

Claim that a temporary all-party care-taker government would be formed after the election
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree, Ranil, Rajitha and others
Verdict: False
— Ranil was given PM office by Maithree without even the resignation of the prior prime minister
— Ranil then formed a UNP government with a UNP cabinet, despite having a mere 50 or so seats compared to over 120 for the SLFP

Claim that Rathana Thero was key planner and organizer in Maithree’s defection
Date: Nov 26, 2014
Source: Rathana Thero source
Verdict: Uncertain
— Feb 3, 2015: CBK appears on the scene and in a rambling, history-altering interview with an obsequious interviewer, claims she organized the defection source.
— Reports from over a year earlier show tensions between Sirisena and Mahinda, mainly arising over Sirisena’s demands for a cover-up of his son, Daham Sirisena’s questionnable behaviour source. According to the report, Maithree displays paranoia that Mahinda was working with Ranil to publicize Daham’s activities in order to shame Maithree and possibly damage his political career. Maithree sees no issue with Daham’s behaviour, and apparently has no plan on correcting that, which is the actual problem.

Claim that the politically toxic Chandrika would not involve herself in politics post-election
Date: during election campaign
Source: Chandrika
Verdict: False — Chandrika continues to involve herself in politics. Appears to be laying groundwork for her son’s entry to politics source1, source2. Her son, Vimukthi, is infamous for saying he is ashamed to be Sinhalese because the Sri Lankan military won the war against the ethno-fascist Tamil terrorists source.
— Jan 20, 2015: Chandrika enters the National Executive Council, the extra-legal, unconstitutional, unelected body that makes major descisions of the coutnry’s future source.
— Feb 15, 2015: Chandrika says she won’t serve on any team with Mahinda source. Who asked her to?
— Mar 26, 2015: Chandrika, the woman who handed Eelam on a plate to Tamil terrorists, is given a “National Unity Office” source.
— Chandrika wants Maithree’s Defence Secretary removed source.
— Apr 4, 2015: Chandrika says she will challenge Mahinda in the future source.
— Apr 6, 2015: Chandrika says SLFP has not split source.
— Apr 9, 2015: Chandrika attends SLFP meeting, is hooted and jeered by SLFP members source.
— Apr 17, 2015: Chandrika says Ranil’s infamous threat to “shoot” any Indians entering Sri Lankan waters was merely a joke. So is CBK now Ranil’s spokesperson? source.
— Apr 18, 2015: Chandrika deciding which MPs to get SLFP nominations source.
— Apr 25, 2015: Chandrika to lead mission to “catch thieves” source. Hillarious.

Claim that Mahinda destroyed the country and the SLFP
Date: Feb 3, 2015
Source: Chandrika source.
Verdict: False
— In the interview on Sirasa TV, Chandrika claims Mahinda destroyed the SLFP, when in fact he built it up and delivered it a 2/3 majority government.
— Amazingly she seems to have forgotten how she dealt the party a crippling blow by causing a fracture within the party due to her rivalry with her own mother in the 1990s, and damaging the functioning of the state by neglecting her duties.
— A huge expose is published by the New York Times in 1995 source.
— Mahinda brought back a peace that had been unknown in Sri Lanka since the 1970s.
— As we all know, Mahinda also delivered rapid economic growth, massive infrastructure construction, uninterrupted electricity and national stability.

Claims that Chief Justice Mohan Pieris would voluntary leave his post
Date: Since Jan 21, 2015
Source: Rajitha source
Verdict: False — Pieris was unconstitutionally and extra-legally erased from post by executive order from dictatorial Maithree. Legally, he is still the Chief Justice. source1 source2.
— Mohan Pieris was appointed Chief Justice after the legal and constitutional impeachment of his predecessor, Shiranee Bandaranayaka.
— The committee which impeached her unanimously was led by now president Maithripala Sirisena, and also included his co-conspirator Rajitha
— Shiranee was a lecturer in law, with no practical experience, until she was elevated to the supreme court by former president Chandrika Bandaranayake.
— Inducements, threats and even thuggery in the form of Azath Sally (UNP thug MP) were used to try and intimidate and obtain his voluntary resignation.
— The Maithree regime had no legal grounds to remove Mohan Pieris, and could not impeach him either, because he had done nothing wrong.
— So Maithree resorted to “deleting” his existence from the record. This cannot stand up in any court of law.

Threats to punish all SLFP and UPFA members who attend the highly successful “Bring Back Mahinda” rallies
Date: Since hugely successful pro-Mahinda rally in Nugegoda, February 18, 2015
Source: SLFP/UPFA source
Verdict: Empty threat — no punishments or sanctions to date.
— July 29, 2015: 5 SLFPers who broke off to join with Maithree for the presidential election, and who subsequently contested from the UNP lists for the general election, were suspended from the SLFP by Sirisena himself source.

Claim that thugs, drug barons and “ethanol-karayo” were in league with Rajapaksa government, and ruining Sri Lankan society, and that Maithree would punish all wrong-doers
Date: during election campaign
Source: Champika, Maithree, Sobitha, Rathane
Verdict: False
— Duminda Silva free to date
— Wele Suda free to date (important files go missing, March 16, 2015 source)
— Ethanol-karayo have allegedly been given licenses by Finance Ministry
— Mar 22, 2015: SB Dissanayake, blasted by the Maithree campaign (especially Hirunika) for derogatory language against former president Chandrika source, elevated to cabinet ministry source. Earlier notorious “NGO” the “Friday Forum” demanded his resignation for his comments source, today is silent. Rosy S was critical also source, but again is silent now.
— Mar 25, 2015: Supreme court suspends tax on spirit makers source.
— Mar 31, 2015: Mervyn Silva, now allied to Ranil-Maithree regime professes innocence source, and is cheered by Ranil’s twitter trolls who condemned Rajapaksa for being associated with Mervyn.
— April 1, 2015: Duminda Silva, thanks “yahapalanaya” for a second chance source. No, it wasn’t an April Fools’ joke. Hirunika also heavily criticized Rajapaksa for not punishing this MP, but is silent today.
— The “Yahapalanaya” government has issued more ethanol permits in the 6 months from Jan 9, than in the previous 60 years since Independence source.

Claim that new unelected regime would bring about good governance (Yahapalanaya) and empower parliament
Date: during election campaign, and after source
Source: Maithree, Ranil, Chandrika, and others
Verdict: False
— as of April 2015, executive presidency still in place
— Jan 15, 2015: Nation Executive Council set up. This is an unconstitutional, supra-legal, unelected body set up to run the country and make decisions in backrooms, with no accountability, flying in the face of democracy and good governance source.
— Feb 12, 2015: flying in the face of democratic principles, Ranil announces plans for national government including every MP, ie. a one-party dictatorship for Sri Lanka source.
— Mar 22, 2015: Ranil-Maithree regime creates an anti-democratic “coalition” government source.
— Apr 8, 2015: Ranil declares his unelected regime is a “democratic junta” an oxymoron if there ever was one source.

Claim Maithree’s cabinet would be small and effective
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree
Verdict: False
— Jan 8: Maithree promised cabinet of not more than 25 members.
— Jan 10: Maithree creates 27 ministers, and claims he promised “less than 30”
— Mar 22: Maithree creates even more ministers, adding several thought to be close to Mahinda and participants of the pro-Mahinda rallies. Total is now 77.

Claim that Maithree will not use state media for personal propaganda
Date: during election campaign, and ongoing
Source: Maithree
Verdict: False
— not even 30 days into his presidency, Maithree appears on a special programme to propagandise himself and his unelected regime source
— Feb 10, 2015: Maithree, cameras and large entourage in tow, personally re-christens a road source.

Claim that Maithree would end alleged police brutality and general thuggery
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree
Verdict: False
— Feb 1, 2015: Peaceful protesters against suspicious death in custody, tear-gassed source
— Feb 24, 2015: Suspect dies in custody source
— Feb 7, 2015: no confidence motion against known thug John Amaratunga is suppressed by Maithree’s stooge Leader of the Opposition the rotund Nimal Siripala despite having over a majority of MPs’ signatures source.
— Mar 17, 2015: Harbour Container Transport Union strike is banned by Maithree source.
— Mar 24, 2015: unelected minister’s supporters clash source.
— Mar 31, 2015: Student protesting for continuation of free education, tear-gassed and blasted with water-cannon source.
— Apr 4, 2015: Buddhist activists, protesting damage to ancient Buddhist monastery from 1st Century AD, blasted with water-cannon source.
— Apr 29, 2015: Buddhist monks protesting are tear-gassed by Maithree’s police thugs source1 source2.

Claim that media freedom would be guaranteed by Maithree-Ranil regime
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree and Ranil
Verdict: False
— Mar 2015: Ranil summons all media editors and owners and threatens them with punishments including de-listing from stock exchange if they publish anything that is critical of the unelected regime or informing the nation about opposition to the unelected regime source.
— Mar 21, 2015: Group from Maharaja Media forcibly fence off private land, claiming it as their own source.
— Mar 24, 2015: Adaderana reports this news, and in retaliation for reporting the facts, Maharaja staff raid Adaderana TV studios source1 and source2.
— Ranil orders all state media to completely back the unelected UNP government during the election period source.

Claim that Maithree would not engage in unnecessary international trips
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree
Verdict: False
— Maithree trip to India, Feb 15, 2015 source
— Maithree then meets Modi again in Sri Lanka in Mar 13, 2015 source and source2.
— Maithree trip to UK, Mar 7, 2015 source
— Maithree trip to China, Mar 25, 2015 source.

  • Joined by his entire family including his son, Daham, who holds no post in the country source.
  • Allegedly further joined by rich business man hopeful of getting central bank chief post source.
  • Extends trip by 2 days to skip his youngest brother’s funeral source.

— Maithree trip to Pakistan, Apr 5, 2015 source.
— Maithree trip to Indonesia, Apr 22-24, 2015 source.

Claim that Yahapalanaya government ministers would not engage in unnecessary foreign trips
Date: during election campaign and prior years
Source: Maithree, Ranil and others
Verdict: False
— Mangala trip to India Jan 20, 2015 source.
— Mangala trip to USA Feb 13, 2015 source.
— RaviK trip to USA Feb 18, 2015 source.
— Mangala trip to UK again in Feb 9, 2015 source to meet same official he met in Sri Lanka on Jan 30, 2015 source.
— Wijeyadasa trip to UK Feb 23, 2015 source
— Mangala trip to China Feb 26, 2015 source
— Mangala trip to Geneva in Mar 2, 2015 source, source2.
— Mangala trip to China again, Mar 25, 2015 source.
— RaviK trip to USA again Apr 16, 2015 source.
— Mangala trip to Germany May 20-22, 2015 source.
— Mangala trip to Japan June 18-21, 2015 source.

Claim that Yahapalanaya ministers’ families would not join ministers on foreign trips
Date: during election campaign and years prior
Source: Maithree, Ranil, Sobitha, and others
Verdict: False
— Mar 2015: Mangala trip to USA – joined by various hangers-on at the same hotel source.
— Mar 2015: Maithree trip to China – Joined by his family including his son, who holds no post in the country. Further joined by alleged central bank chief hopeful businessman source.

Claim that Yahapalanaya would not engage in politics of intimidation
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree
Verdict: False
— Jan 30, 2015: Mahinda’s house raided by police on spurious charges source. His friends and family are also searched and interrogated. His sons and their friends are also harassed source.
— Feb 2, 2015: Maithree arrests Tissa Attanayake and remands over alleged civil offence source.
— May 5, 2015: Supreme Court says this explusion was illegal source.
— Feb 6, 2015: Bandula requests Bribery Commision to expedite probe against him source.
— Feb 7, 2015: An openly Christian MP, Ranjan Ramanayake (an unelected deputy minister of the present unelected regime), prone to thuggery, raids a private Buddhist meditation centre founded by a Thai monk, without a warrant. No investigation or punishment against his brutality source1 source2. Instead, Mangala at Geneva a month later (March 2, 2015) blasts the previous elected government for not aiding reconcilliation source
— Feb 9, 2015: Maithree arrests leader of Self-Employed Union source
— Feb 22, 2015: Maithree arrests Wimal Weerawansa’s wife and remands over alleged civil offence source
— Mar 1, 2015: conveniently, bus strike on Colombo-Tangalle route which has become popular with hundreds of citizens each day travelling to pay homage to Mahinda at his home down south source.
— Mar 21, 2015: career Sri Lanka diplomat Tamara Kunanayakam accuses Mangala, the unelected foreign minister of Sri Lanka, of lying about alleged connections between her and the LTTE and financial malpractices source.
— May 6, 2015: through the unconstitutional Financial Crimes Investigation Division created by the unelected prime minister and his illegal, unconstitutional, unelected cabinet (and apparently — though highly unlikely — without the knowledge of the pambaya president Maithree), Rajapaksa ally Johnston Fernando is arrested on, of all things, charges of fraud at Sathosa. Yes, you cannot make this up source.

Claim that Yahapalanaya would minimise the use of elephants
Date: after election campaign
Source: Maithree and others
Verdict: False
— Sinhala New Year 2015: Maithree messes around with elephants source.

Claim Maithree would not interfere in various departments running the country
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree
Verdict: False
— Feb 17, 2015: Maithree transfers 15 major generals and 3 brigadiers source
— Feb 17, 2015: Maithree recalls 50 diplomats from foreign embassies source
— Mar 11, 2015: Maithree transfers 24 senior police officers source.
— Mar 22, 2015: Oddly, Maithree contradicts himself and stops all police transfers source.
— Mar 31, 2015: Maithree’s unelected sports minister appoints an interim cricket council in contravention of the International Cricket Committee’s rules source.
— Apr 1, 2015: ICC warns Sri Lanka about this irregularity source.
— Apr 17, 2015: ICC launches investigation into political interference into Sri Lanka cricket source.

Claim that public opinion survey has been started regarding the 100-day program
Date: March 1, 2015
Source: Ranil, unelected PM source
Verdict: False — no results of survey have been released and one month on, no updates.

Maithree bans full-face helmets, citing “bank robbery” as reason
Date: March 2, 2015
Source: Police, under unelected law and order minister and known thug John Amaratunga MP
Verdict: Brutally enforced after some roundabout announcements
— Ban to be enforced, March 2, 2015 source.
— Ban cancelled, March 9, 2015 source.
— Ban re-introduced, March 25, 2015 source to start from April 2.
— Ban suspended, April 2, 2015, until April 27 by Court of Appeal source.
Ban suspended, Apr 27, 2015, again until May 19 source.

Claims that 100-day program has made many achievements
Date: since Jan 9, and continuing source.
Source: Maithree, Ranil, and others
Verdict: False — most of the “achievements” are those which have given power to Maithree, Ranil or other supporters, and even includes the Independence Day celebrations. Nothing of susbtance has been achieved. Oil prices were reduced but that is in line with global oil price collapse. Wifi was provided as a sop to a few pro-Ranil Twitter trolls. Food prices were reduced for useless foods like Koththamalli but not for rice, and in any case food prices have not reduced on the shop floor.


Claim that Rajapaksa plotted a coup on election night Jan 8, 2015
Date: Jan 9, 2015
Source: Ranil, Mangala, Rajitha, and others
Verdict: False
— Mahinda conceded defeat and vacated his official residence even before the final vote results were known, in the early hours of Jan 9, 2015 source. He was surrounded by many officials and well-wishers on that night who all denied any coup plotting source.
— denied by Mahinda source.
— denied by military, and others present with Rajapaksa, investigation halted due to lack of evidence, no further updates source, Supreme court rejects case against Mahinda source.

Claim that Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Namal Rajapaksa and others would flee the country if Mahinda lost the election
Date: during election campaign
Source: My3, Ranil, Mangala, media
Verdict: False
— Mahinda, Gota, Namal and other Rajapaksas all stayed in Sri Lanka, as they had promised
— the thought that they would flee the country which Mahinda and Gota made safe by eliminating the terrorists and winning the war was yet another ugly slur.

Claim that Rajapaksa government through Central Bank Chief Ajith Nivard Cabraal was destroying the economy, publishing false growth figures, and releasing manipulated inflation and unemployment figures
Date: years prior to and continuing after the election
Source: Harsha de Silva (most loudly), RaviK also
Verdict: False
— sufficient time has now passed to allow for revelation of any facts which could back up these claims.
— It turns out that the growth, inflation and unemployment figures released by the Rajapaksa government were accurate.
— No investigation has been carried out, no reports published, and no charges brought.
— Jan 22, 2015: Cabraal’s passport was impounded source.
— Cabraal denied all charges and insisted that he would be vindicated source.
— Looks like he was right.
— The overly-toothed and usually verbose Harsha is silent on this matter today.

Claims that vehicles were stolen by Rajapksa government
Date: during election campaign
Source: multiple media outlets, Rajitha, and others
Verdict: False
— unproven to date, no updates, random abandoned cars allegedly “found”, but in official parking areas source and source2.
— Mar 5, 2015: Rajitha says hundreds of vehicles are missing source, but no updates so far.

Claims that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had special access to Defence Ministry accounts
Date: Jan 18, 2015
Source: RaviK
Verdict: False — disproved by Maithree appointed Defence Secretary Basnayake source

Claims that Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was involved in a crooked deal to buy fighter planes for the Sri Lankan Airforce
Date: several years prior to election and during eletion campaign
Source: The Sunday Leader newspaper
Verdict: False — paper issues unconditional apology to GR for defamation source.

Claim that Mahinda and his family would be protected after election defeat
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree, Ranil, Sobitha, Rathana, Wijedasa source
Verdict: False
— Security has been provided, but no vehicles for the bodyguards source.
— No official Colombo residence provided as of April 2015, a right for all ex-presidents source. A friend, ASP Liyanage, MP, donates his house to Mahinda instead.
— Apr 20, 2015: Donor of house is summoned by police criminal division source charge uncertain.
— : More than 4 months since the election, Gotabhaya is still not awarded his pension .

Claim that Basil Rajapaksa had made a secret pact with a leader of the LTTE remnant in Europe, asking him to stop votes for Sirisena in the Northern Province. It is alleged that in return, LTTE groups would be allowed to political and humanitarian work after the election.
Date: Jan 4, 2014
Source: Rajitha, on anti-MR Sirasa TV interview.
Verdict: False — Rajitha’s proof was an email he said he had obtained, from a conveniently named email address supposedly linked to Basi Rajapaksa. The fact that anyone can create such an account was even pointed out to him by the anti-Mahinda interviewer.
— Denied by Basil Rajapaksa source.
— After the election victory, there was no investigation or charge brought against Basil.
— Looks like it was another lie.

Claim that Rajapaksa has hidden $18 billion in foreign bank accounts
Date: May 7, 2015
Source: Mangala source.
Verdict: False
— This comes in the face of several other accusations of financial fraud, all of which have grabbed headlines but never been proved
— In this particular allegation, Mangala the loud-mouth declares this huge amount has been stolen and that foreign countries were helping to trace the funds.
— First, if they know to such precise detail how much has been stolen, why do they need foreign governments to be involved?
— It is likely this is another lie from the unelected “good governance” regime. For, during the announcement of this “theft,” Mangala points out that the best thing is for Mahinda to just retire and not try to get involved with politics again. Clearly, the issue for them is not the “stolen money” but rather that Mahinda should not contest elections.
— Mangala later said several years may be required for the “stolen money” to be found source.


Promise of Rs. 20,000 to every pregnant woman
Date: First post-election budget by the unelected Finance Minister RaviK
Source: unelected Finance Minister RaviK
Verdict: Broken promise — date of handing out this benefit to expectant mothers repeatedly pushed back, then changed to Rs. 2,000 for ten months (Mar 7, 2015 source), then changed to Rs. 2,000 worth of nutrition packs (Mar 19, 2015 source), Disbursement began in late March 2015 with several reports of expired foods and provisions being handed to the women (Mar 23, 2015 source). Inquiry announced by children’s minister RosyS but no further updates.

Promise of Rs. 10,000 salary increase for public sector workers if Maithree elected
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree, Ranil, RaviK and others
Verdict: Broken promise — the pay rise was changed to a non-pensionable allowance, this was then reduced to Rs. 7,000 because apparently they had been including the earlier raise of Rs. 3,000 provided by the previous government.

Claim that the new unelected regime would manage the economy well and prevent any corruption
Date: during election campaign, and after
Source: Maithree, Ranil, RaviK and others
Verdict: False — as of April 2015, the national debt limit has been reached, crashing stock market, depreciating currency, and dwindling foreign reserves are the result of reckless economic policies of current unelected regime.
— Feb 11, 2015: Moody’s warns fiscal targets pressured by weak revenues source.
— Mar 19, 2015: Government stipulates prices of certain foods source.
— Apr 7, 2015: Reuters reports soaring borrowing by Sri Lanka government source.
— Apr 16, 2015: World Bank projects crashing economic growth and stalled development source.

Claim that new unelected regime would give food price relief to the population
Date: durign election campaign and after
Source: Maithree, Ranil, Rajitha, RaviK
Verdict: Broken promise — food prices were reduced on non-essential items. Most prices of even those foods were not actually reduced in the stores as government was expecting small shop owners to absorb the cost themselves with no subsidy from the government.


Claim that by eliminating corruption, three times more development work and infrastructure could be constructed
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree
Verdict: False
— all development projects were halted soon after the election, with no new projects announced, and resulting in thousands of Sri Lankans losing their livelihoods.
— Northern expressway stopped source.
— Port city stopped (as listed).
— Reservoir & hydroelectric power project stopped source.

Claims that Outer Circular Highway was intentionally overpriced by Rs.30 billion to fund kickbacks
Date: April 1st 2015
Source: Rajitha  source
Verdict: False — disproved on April 2nd 2015 source1 and source2.

Claim that Colombo Port City Project would be scrapped
Date: during election campaign
Source: Ranil, Maithree
Verdict: Uncertain — with ties with China purposefully strained by actions, incompetence, and snubbing of the only nation willing to invest in the much needed large-scale infrastructure projects, the Port City has been paused for now, pending an environmental report. Various ministers have made various claims regarding this project.
— Feb 5, 2015: Rajitha says port city going ahead source
— Feb 12, 2015: Chinese officials told that port city going ahead source
— Feb 19, 2015: unelected PM Ranil says port city broke rules source
— Feb 27, 2015: unelected foreign minister Mangala says China will be consulted about any changes to development projects source
— Mar 5, 2015: Rajitha says port city suspended source, but work seen to be continuing
— Mar 7, 2015: Chinese firm says port city project has been suspended source
— Mar 8, 2015: China requests protection of its investments source.
— Mar 16, 2015: China-Sri Lanka tensions rise source.
— Mar 17, 2015: China again requests protection of its investments source.
— Mar 19, 2015: Government allows protective breakwater to be completed source.
— Mar 20, 2015: Chinese investors contemplate exiting Sri Lanka given uncertain policies of current unelected regime source.
— Mar Port city firm holds open day
— Mar 28, 2015: RaviK threatens China again source.

Claim that Wilpattu and other forest reserves would be protected
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree, and others
Verdict: False
— Mar 30, 2015: though deforestation and human encroachment had been going on for some time, the destruction of the Wilpattu forest for questionnable settlement of Northern Province Muslims who had been ethnically cleansed by the Tamil terrorists in the 1990s has apparently been accelerated under the unelected “good governance” regime, with lands acquired illegally for the settlement of both local and foreign individuals, further altering southern constituency populations source.


Claims that Maithree-Ranil regime will stop nepotism
Date: Election campaign
Source: Maithree, Rajitha, Ranil, Chandrika and others
Verdict: False
— Jan 22, 2015, in one of his first acts as president Maithree appoints his own brother, Kumarasiri Liyanage Sirisena, with no experience in telecommunications, as head of Sri Lanka Telecom source. He is also made chairman of SLT’s mobile division, Mobitel, and receives a separate salary for this “role.”
— On Apr 2, 2015, Mangala (the unelected foreign minister) grants 3-fold pay rise to Maithree’s brother source.
— Jan 24, 2015, Ranil joins in by appointing his own close friend, as head of Sri Lankan Airlines source.
— Feb 4, 2015, long-time outspoken critic of Rajapaksa government, Upul Jayasuriya of the Sri Lanka lawyers union, appointed as chairman of lucrative BOI source
— Ranil & RaviK’s good friend, a Singaporean citizen named Arjuna Mahendran, is made chief of the Central Bank source1 and source2.

  • Soon afterwards, Mahendran is involved in a bond issue scandal in which it is alleged his son, also a banker, made a vast profit on the bond sale at a loss of billions to Sri Lanka, through alleged insider trading source .
  • Mahendran flees back home to Singapore (“on leave” according to Ranil) source, while war-winning Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s passport is impounded.
  • Ranil opens investigation headed by 3 more of his close friends source1 and source2.
  • Mahendran later returns to Sri Lanka to enjoy Ranil’s birthday party source. No official charges have yet been filed.
  • The usually verbose, “sky is falling” Harsha, is quiet, saying he will wait for the inquiry results.
  • A few days later, before the inquiry has finished, Harsha contradicts himself and states shamelessly that the Singaporean citizen had to issue bonds to repay loans taken by a US citizen source. It is not clear which US citizen he is referring to. Clearly he is diverting the discussion, because the issue is not whether or not a bond issue was required, but rather that there was suspected insider trading and nepotism going on by Mahendran
  • Apr 16, 2015: Mahendran is summoned to bribery commission. An odd development, as Ranil 3-man committee is yet to produce a report or bring any charges or recommendations source.
  • Apr 23, 2015: After the white-wash report by Ranil’s buddies, Mahendran resumes active duties today source.
  • COPE report finds serious evidence of financial fraud, with direct intervention of Mahendran on the trading room floor to manipulate the auction and give preference to his son-in-law’s Singaporean firm
  • Jun 26, 2015: Parliament dissolved source.
  • Jul 14, 2015: Sirisena admits that he dissolved parliament in order to save Ranil’s “sinking Titanic” regime from the fallout of the bond scam. He admitted that Ranil and Ravi were both about to lose no-confidence motions over this scam, and his dissolution saved them. He also said that he told Ranil to sack Mahendran, but Ranil refused. (However, the power to sack or appoint a Central Bank chief lies with Sirisena anyway) source.

— Feb 16, 2015: Maithree appoints his son-in-law Thilina Suranjith to Defence Ministry as public relations officer source.
— Mar 10, 2015: RaviK’s brother-in-law made boss of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation source.
— Apr 23, 2015: Sonali Samarasinga, wife of slain war-critic Lasantha Wickramathunga, appointed to permanent mission to the UN. She is infamous for saying Mahinda threatened her husband source though there is no proof of this.
— Apr 24, 2015: Maithree appoints another of his brothers to post of Nilame of Katargama Devalaya source.


Claim that Wimal Weerawansa was involved in corruption
Date: Since at least 2014
Source: multiple media outlets, Maithree election campaign
Verdict: False — no evidence presented, no charges brought, however Wimal’s wife was arrested on trumped-up charges instead, after the hugely successful Nugegoda Rally.

Claim that Maithree-Ranil regime will stop waste and corruption
Date: election campaign and after
Source: Maithree, Ranil
Verdict: False — to buy over MPs seen as loyal to Mahinda, all former ministers and junior ministers are given two state vehicles, fuel allowance, drivers source.

Claim that previous government’s alleged corruption would be revealed
Date: during election campaign and prior
Source: Maithree, Ranil
Verdict: False — though lot of noise has been made about various foreign accounts (example here).


Claims that Sri Lanka squandered opportunities after winning the war
Date: election campaign and years prior
Source: Ranil, Maithree, Chandrika and others
Verdict: False
— Ranil and Chandrika still say war was “ended”, not “won” by Mahinda government
— Apr 8, 2015: Ranil claims “failed peace” source.
— Apr 9, 2015: International journal The Diplomat contradicts Ranil’s statement source.

Claim that KP left the country after election
Date: Jan 10, 2015
Source: Rajitha source
Verdict: False — disproved source.

Claim that Maithree would safe-guard the war victory
Date: election campaign
Source: Maithree
Verdict: False
— On Independence Day 2015, 200 years since signing of the Kandyan convention and takeover by British occupiers, Maithree calls the victorious and noble war on terror a “barbaric” war, rather than a patriotic war or righteous war.

Claim that Maithree would not endanger national security or national sovereignty
Date: during election campaign
Source: Maithree, Champika, Rathane thero
Verdict: False
— Feb 8, 2014: Chandrika proudly announces at an international women’s conference that as president, she was always keen to talk peace with Tamil terrorists, and that she opened hospitals in Sri Lanka which gave medical care at taxpayer expense to Tamil terrorists (who were injured during attacks against Sri Lankan civilian taxpayers) source.
— Feb 10, 2015: Northern Provincial Council unanimously adopts and sends to UN the infamous “genocide” resolution, which states, with no evidence, that the entire Sinhalese race and Sri Lankan governments since independence have engaged in a campaign of slow-motion genocide against Tamils source.
— Feb 11, 2015: Far from denouncing the resolution as an act of treason and dissolving the NPC, Rajitha, usually the wide-mouthed loud-mouthpiece of Maithree, meekly states that they “can’t call it genocide” source.
— Feb 10, 2015: foreign MPs arrive to inspect Mullaittivu source
— Feb 14, 2015: TNA MP Sambandan wants India to push Sri Lanka on 13th Amendment source
— Feb 15, 2015: Maithree repeats calls for another war crimes inquiry source
— Feb 15, 2015: Tamil woman defaces ancient Sinhalese cultural relic Sigiriya palace mirror wall, scribbling her name multiple times on the priceless artifact source. On March 3, 2015, she is jailed for 2 years source. On April 2, 2015, she is pardoned by Maithree, though she is unrepetent source.
— Feb 18, 2015: Ranil, unelected PM of Sri Lanka, orders release of Indian magazine containing interview with Prabhakaran source
— Feb 21, 2015: Maithree releases details of Rajapaksa governments foreign deals (most likely the China ones), in breach of national security source
— Feb 22, 2015: TNA MP Sambandan keen to get Witness Protection Act, perhaps as prelude to anonymzing “victims” of “genocide” and protecting them from prosecution for falsifying evidence or treachery source.
— Feb 24, 2015: known LTTE apologist Bishop of Mannar says he has no faith in internal inquiries, wants international probe. No response or denunciation from government source.
— Mar 6, 2015: Indian foreign minister arrives to inspect Sri Lanka source.
— Mar 12, 2015: unrepentent and shamless Tamil extremist race-baiter Wigneswaran of “genocide” infamy, demands greater powers than the already dangerous 13th Amendment source.
— Mar 14, 2015: Indian PM Modi (elected to power unlike Ranil) inspects Jaffna source. Prior to this, Ranil says Modi is free to visit any part of Sri Lanka source.
— Mar 19, 2015: Mangala wants to remove ban on many LTTE-front organizations source.
— Apr 2, 2015: TNA MP Sritharan declares that Prabhakaran is his leader source. No punishment or investigation by Maithree for another act of treason and support of terrorism.

More to follow. If there’s anything you can think of to add, please leave a comment below or tweet to me @wayforwardnow.
— Last updated August 1, 2015.

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