Ranil’s Deal With The TNA Devil And Prabhakaran’s Ghost

Ranil’s thirst for power is insatiable. He lost 29 elections in a row to date, but still won’t resign. Now he’s joining with the TNA.

The TNA has been very clear in its manifesto. They want the merging of the Northern province and Eastern province. They want this merged entity to be named a State in a federalized Sri Lanka. They want their own governing regime for this entity. Tellingly, on the manifesto launch, each of the TNA leaders began their speeches with “Our undisputed leader Prabhakaran.”

Ranil needs the TNA more than they need him. From: SundayTimes

So basically, what they could not get through terrorism, the TNA now wants for free from Ranil. They want nothing less than Eelam.

It is an electoral impossibility for Ranil to obtain 113 seats on his own. To get that number, he absolutely must join up in an Axis of Eelam with the TNA, JVP, and SLMC.

Without a doubt, no matter how much the UNP may say that they are opposed to federalism, when push comes to shove, Ranil will do anything to become prime minister. The UNP itself is so wrapped up around Ranil — his connections, his cunning, and his dubious funding sources — and so hungry to make money off the country’s resources and industries, that they will go along with him.

And will the Eastern Muslims be ok with being ruled by Tamils from Jaffna in this new State? No. They too will demand their own Emirate. Seeing the TNA manifesto, it is even more likely that Muslims in the east will vote for SLMC instead of UNP. Because they will feel the need to strengthen “their” leaders’ mandate in future independence talks with Tamils.

How Muslim and Tamil extremists vote cannot be controlled by the rest of us.

There is something we can do, however.

We can vote for Mahinda and his UPFA. We can give him a majority in the parliament, and even two-thirds of the seats. We can strengthen Mahinda.

Then, he can stamp out the rapidly growing “independence” movements in the North and East. If the Sinhalese unite behind Mahinda like in 2009, Mahinda can delegitimize the Tamil and Muslim extremist politicians. Then the decent members of the minorities can integrate with the Sinhalese and finally the island can be harmonious.

Remember how this country fell into an abyss when our National Hero was defeated by Eelam votes. Remember the 7 months of chaos we have had to endure. Now imagine how bad things will be if Ranil becomes prime minister, this time with an actual election mandate and a formal alliance with the TNA and SLMC.

On August 18, if Ranil becomes prime minister through an Eelam deal with the TNA, Mahinda and Gotabhaya will be extradited for execution in the Hague on August 19. And Eelam will be declared on August 20.

August 18, 2015 is just as fateful and just as dangerous a day as May 18, 2009. Make no mistake: the very survival of the Sinhalese race hangs in the balance.

Remember, a vote for Ranil is a vote for Eelam.

You can stop the destruction of the country and the elimination of your culture, history and civilization.

Vote for UPFA. Bring back Mahinda.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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