UPDATED: Ravi Blames Shooting on “Mahinda’s Terrorism”

UPDATE1 Aug 1, 2015: Initial investigations by police reveal this was most likely an internal gang-fight between two groups of underworld working for different UNP candidates source.

Ravi Karunanayake, of Sathosa and alleged Raj Rajaratnam money-laundering fame, blames “Mahinda’s terrorism” for a shooting that claims life of a UNP worker.

This sort of disgusting political opportunism is reprehensible, and shows just what “yahapalanaya” really means in the eyes of Ravi, Mangala, Ranil, and the rest of the UNP goons.

Ravi has been low-key during the election campaign so far, and it seems that things are getting really desperate for him to resort to stunts like this. Perhaps he has been so quiet recently as he was planning today’s convenient events.

His labeling of Mahinda as a terrorist is disgusting, and cannot go unpunished.

Ravi then held this press conference.

He has given away the UNP game plan.

The rapid response from RaviK and the immediate finger-pointing directly at Mahinda Rajapaksa raises suspicions that this was all a well-planned stunt.

A fitting reply was written by this Twitter user:

Knowing they are going to lose, the UNP has decided to stage these attacks on their own rallies.They then blame Mahinda.

Then they will do a similar attack or bombing either targetting Mahinda with the aim of killing him, or to scare his supporters.

Then, they can say this was “another Mahinda attack” to garner votes.

In reality, it the UNP, and Ravi, who are orchestrating everything in order to get votes.

Another rumor from the Daily Mirror comments section is that this was a gang-fight between two groups of underworld who were working for the UNP. One gang targetted Ravi’s gang, in the hunt for preference votes. It has also been reported that, before any investigation has even started, Ravi has already denied that this was a gang-crime. How could he know this?

More updates to follow as this strange story develops.
Story from EconomyNext (warning, pro-UNP news source): source.
Story from DailyMirror (warning, owned by Ranil’s family): source.
Full press conference video from Daily Mirror: source.

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