Has Mahinda Just Thrown his Key Supporters to the Wolves?

Mahinda was rescued from certain doom by a motley crew of brave souls who rallied around him in his moment of need. And they won, against all the obstacles. Now Mahinda has betrayed Wimal, Udaya, Dinesh, Vasu, D.E.W. Gunasekara, Rajiva, Tissa Vitharana, G.L. Pieris, Dayan Jayatilake, Sarath Silva, Tissa Attanayake and everyone else who helped him.

The murmurings coming from Colombo are not good. The first sign that things were taking a dangerous turn was Mahinda, Ranil and Sirisena’s strangely affectionate handshaking session during Ranil’s inauguration on August 21. Then came Namal Rajapaksa’s tweet of August 23. He “thanked” the “SLFP Central Committee” for allowing him and others to sit on the opposition benches of Parliament, despite the SLFP officially joining the “National Government.”

Now this is a complete joke. Firstly the current SLFP Central Committee (CC) is an illegal, unelected gathering of political rejects like SB Dissanayake and Nandimithra, and political has-beens like Chandrika, all of whom were unilaterally and unconstitutionally appointed by Sirisena while an injunction he himself had put in place prevented the convention of the real SLFP central committee. That Namal recognizes — going so far as to “thank” them! — the “new” Sirisena-CC shows that something is going on which none of the people who voted for the UPFA at the August election will like.

Secondly, the SLFP members were elected on a platform that was specifically against the concept of the “National Government” as espoused by Ranil and the UNP. For any of their number to then join this flawed and principally undemocratic form of government, let alone for defeated candidates to sneak in through the National List by usurping the slots of such great men as Rajiva Wijesinha and DEW Gunasekara, is a complete disgrace.

Sirisena’s illegal removal of Susil from his post as UPFA General Secretary through yet another injunction, in order to control the National List appointments, does not stand in any court. The dodgy Elections Commissioner himself said that only the named General Secretary who signed the nomination papers in July 2015 was the recognized General Secretary of any given party. But after the election, we saw what had really happened. The whole drama and “removal” of Susil was just a huge piece of theatrics.

In the end, Susil himself submitted the National List which included such political destitutes as Vijitha Soyza and SB Dissanayake — i.e. a complete purge of all those who rallied around Mahinda and won, and their replacement with losers and money-hungry bandits. Now the political careers of G.L., D.E.W., Tissa Vitharana, Rajiva Wijesinha, and others have been ended through a conspiracy involving Sirisena and Susil.

What’s worse is the deafening silence from Mahinda, on whose behalf those parliamentary stalwarts risked everything when they thought the nation was in danger from the Ranil-Sirisena-CBK axis of evil.

Did we vote for this? Rajiva, D.E.W, and G.L. are locked out of parliament through Susil’s treachery. But just seven days after the bitterly fought election in which many party workers were beaten and even killed, Mahinda and Ranil enjoy Kumar Sangakkara’s farewell ceremony on August 24, 2015. A few months earlier, Ranil promised to sweep away, destroy, and bury the entire Rajapaksa family.

Now Mahinda is back in parliament while all those who fought for him, when they could easily have kept quiet and stayed with Sirisena, those who struggled despite the thuggery and intimidation, and who then won against all the odds, have been thrown to the attack dogs of the FCID.

Yet the revolting treachery does not end there. SB Dissanayake and other pro-Sirisena MPs were the first to ditch Mahinda, and in a very ugly manner (e.g. Vijitha Soyza’s “Appachi mala”). The wise voters up and down the country diligently and conscientiously made sure to defeat them, and return only those MPs who were totally loyal to Mahinda.

After doing their duty for the nation, these poor voters then wake up the next day to find that despite their meticulous, careful vote-casting, all those who they rejected are back in parliament, and even showing off ministerial portfolios. The UPFA voters gave such a large mandate to the UPFA in order to bring the DEWs and the Rajivas in through the National List, and not as a means for third-class, crude rejects like Soyza to sneak in like cockroaches! What’s ironic is that Sirisena and Susil were able to appoint so many rejected “pro-Sirisena” MPs through the National List precisely because of the hard work of those men like Tissa Vitharana who saved the UPFA from annihilation, and allowed the party to gain just 10 seats less than the bondscam-funded and police-backed UNP. What has been done to them now is a complete and utter travesty.

Why is Mahinda silent? If Mahinda does not stand up for those who came to his aid, and if he does not act to ensure their return to parliament, that will be a betrayal far worse than Sirisena’s “aappa” fiasco. The people, both the UPFA voters and the floating voters who backed Mahinda and the UPFA this election will never, ever forgive Mahinda or the Rajapkasa family. The Rajapaksas will never return to power again, at least not through a democratic vote. But perhaps that is part of the deal. Perhaps Mahinda has betrayed these best, most honest, and most principled of Sri Lankan politicians, in the foolish belief that he has saved his family, and that with the upcoming new constitution, that there won’t ever have to be elections again.

Does he think that by betraying the decent UPFA MPs, he has saved his SLFP and saved Namal’s future career? Does he think that those who voted for him on August 17 are his personal vote-bank?

Let Mahinda understand that people came behind him not because of some cult-like obsession with him or his family, or his SLFP. They came behind him because he promised to lead them and to save the Sinhalese Buddhist civilization. No politician is indispensable. The “Mahinda movement” can and will continue without Mahinda — we saw a taste of this back in June at the Matara rally which carried on even after Mahinda came and went. If he will not fulfill his responsibility to his people, he and his SLFP can easily be replaced.

16 thoughts on “Has Mahinda Just Thrown his Key Supporters to the Wolves?

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  2. Geetha

    We got to understand the decisive undercurrents determining the behavior of politicians including Rajapaksha. We also must understand the timing of sending human rights report to Sri Lanka. This is a concerted agenda of the west, India and traitors of Sri Lanka. All what the enemies of Sri Lanka needed is to neutralize Rajapakshas. In other words, they send the message to Rajapakshas with a veiled threat. Behave or else be prepared to go to guillotine. Rajapaksha has decided to behave. But I think it is a complete mistake.


    1. Manju

      “Rajapaksha has decided to behave.”

      This is only an unproved assumption and a hypothetical theory at the moment by one individual, without giving any facts to justify. Even if (a big IF) it becomes the truth, it can be argued that sometimes retreating is necessary to achieve victory later. It can be a very well planned tactic by a damn tempered and well matured politician. He may be waiting for an ambush. We’ll wait and see.

      It is no different to all the list of unproved corruption accusations thrown at Mahinda during presidential election.

      “Mud” is what I call them.


  3. Geetha

    Don’t forget the statement of MAhinda which said, “it is easy to work with Ranil because he wouldn’t go extra mileage to get revenge.” If our leader is too feared of life, this is a wrong timing for him to do politics.


    1. I also find Mahinda’s praise of Ranil to be odd.

      If Ranil “doesn’t take revenge”, then who ordered Shiranthi to be dragged to the FCID? It is well known that Ranil is one of the most vindictive people in Sri Lanka.

      If this nonsensical comment was aimed at Sirisena, surely Mahinda can “slap” Sirisena directly, rather than making these sideways comments. What is he so scared of?


  4. Manju

    I wonder why this author blames Mahinda. What has Mahinda done compared to the “active” betrayal actions taken by Sirisena, Susil, Chandrika, Ranil et al to destroy SLFP? Surely Mahinda is not seeing kicking and screaming out there at the moment for everyone to see. But does that warrant someone to accuse Mahinda as “Betraying”? I don’t think so. Who knows what is Mahinda doing behind the screens to solve this massively complicated situation. At the moment who can trust whom in SLFP? What exactly this author is expecting or suggesting Mahinda to do at the moment? Is he/she expecting Mahinda to hold a megaphone and scream like constipated for a week? Would that satisfy the author without any other practical result? Do you think Sirisena/Chandrika and Ranil will make a complete U turn and allow Mahinda to create his own national list if that happens?

    In my view this article is to drive another wedge between Mahinda and his supporters, and I certainly can smell a rat here. This type of articles can be another well planned controversy by the Sirisena/Chandrika/Ranil troika to destroy Mahinda even further by creating a mindset among people that Mahinda has alienated his supporters.

    Contrary to what is being tried to project through this article Mahinda is the only one who has not crossed over to the government, didn’t accept any high position, did never talk against SLFP, didn’t create this corrupt national list etc etc.He also may very well be trying to find out what the hell is going underneath. This type of writing pretending to be pro-Mahinda can very well be anti-Mahinda underneath with some professional anti-Mahinda media gurus giving tuition behind the screens.

    Readers beware !


    1. The type of ridiculous blind faith as exhibited by Manju here is exactly what led to Mahinda’s many mistakes during his second term, and what led to his eventual defeat in January.

      Many said that Mahinda was surrounded by yes-men who never criticized him. And it appears people still haven’t learned their lesson.

      This blog worked tirelessly, and completely voluntarily, for 8 months on behalf of the UPFA and Mahinda, from the time he was hiding in Medamulana in January all the way to August 18 and beyond. To accuse the blog of actually being pro-Ranil and playing some devious deep psychological warfare game against Mahinda Rajapaksa is the height of absurdity. If the blog was pro-Ranil, I will say so openly and act openly. I don’t do typical Sinhalese underhand work.

      It is because Mahinda listened to such ludicrous conspiracy theories that he and his family are in the predicament they are in right now.

      As Lord Buddha said, you must question everyone and never blindly follow anyone or any doctrine.

      Real supporters will question their leaders and criticize them when they make mistakes. Mahinda’s silence about the National List is a clear act of betrayal, and he must be called out on it.

      Also, what is the point of “never talking against the SLFP”? He must and should criticize the SLFP for their crazy actions. Mahinda didn’t even condemn those UNP thugs who attacked the shop owner in Kurunegala. The shop owners and workers were beaten and battered and hospitalized needing CT scans, and their goods were destroyed, because they had supported Mahinda at the election. Afterwards, Mahinda said nothing against the UNP, but with a smirk on his face, re-enacted the assault. He didn’t make any statement, he didn’t demand the police to act, and didn’t condemn anyone.

      Furthermore, as I have written above, the entire Sinhalese Buddhist civilization cannot be wrapped around the whims, fancies, family and party of one man who is clearly prone to making repeated, stupid, mistakes.

      This blog is for a just and peaceful Sri Lanka where all citizens of any ethnicity can live in harmony. It is childish for serious people who want a developed Sri Lanka to be on any politician’s “side.” What this blog stands for is bigger than one man.


    2. Korala

      If everything Mahinda has done is for a reason, we have no problem at all. He himself said ” he made a stupid mistake (he called it “pandita kamak”).
      No need to blame others. He is supposed to be the leader. Why can’t he take the lead ?
      He should be the opposition leader. This is the strongest opposition after many year. If he cannot lead it how are we going to trust him to build an opposition from only having 20-30 seats ? Is that the type of leader we want ?


  5. NAK

    On the one hand Susil premjayanth seems to be party to every thing that took place. He along with Anura, and Nimal were among the those who asked Sirisena to take the party and lead and dumped Mahinda. They were very reluctant to openly support ‘come back Mahinda’ may be with good reason.
    On the other what I find difficult to understand is why Susil or Anura did not seek help from a higher court to get the enjoining order vacated and dump Sirisena. Had that been done, that itself would have ensured the UPFA victory.


    1. Great point. I had the same thought back when the injunction was first announced.

      I think they didn’t ask for cancellation of the injunction preventing meeting of the Central Committee, because they didn’t want to fight against Sirisena and because they didn’t want the UPFA to win. I think they are all too old and tired to keep fighting elections so they want to just have a peaceful 10-20 years with guaranteed ministerial posts through a “National Government.”

      SLFP is being re-absorbed into UNP. Fortunately people are not going to blindly keep voting for the SLFP, so the UPFA voters/SLFP voters will soon gravitate to a new party that will stand on principles, and most importantly, a party that will stand with the people.


  6. Korala

    Agree with Wayforward. I too question why the man is silent. He went silent in the previous defeat and again. He has 90 odd seats, even if 10 he has 80, which is double the seat UNP had. Why can’t he be the opposition leader ? 1/2 million people voted preferential to him. He is betraying all ! We should strive to think why this silence , who silenced him ? Not only that it appears that he is attending all gatherings requested by Ranil and Sira. Why ?


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