Sri Lanka’s Second Declaration of Independence

This local election was first and foremost a battle for the heart of the Sinhala patriotic movement. It was a battle for the soul, the true essence, of the SLFP — or more accurately, the party which was once known as the SLFP. It was never really about whether the UNP would get the most votes or not (which happily, they did not achieve despite all the delays and fudging going on, even as these words are typed).

What we have seen yesterday is the utter decimation of the SLFP. That once great party was formed as a patriotic counterbalance to the Imperialist-minded UNP. Sirisena, through desperation to cling to the power he is not fit for, decided to gift the SLFP right back into the hands of the UNP.

The Sinhala patriotic masses gave him a swift response. They went overwhelmingly back to their Appachchi. The resounding result for the SLPP was in fact a second declaration of Independence, this time against the neo-colonialist brown stooges who wormed their way into power through spreading false allegations against Mahinda and tried to return the country to servitude.

The people have spoken loud and clear. They reject the colonial-style witch hunts, the trumped up charges, and the vilification and harassment of their war winning leader Mahinda Rajapaksa and the war heroes who defeated the world’s most ruthless Tamil terrorists. They reject the destruction of the economy, the kowtowing to the former imperialists, and the snubbing of China. They reject the new constitution which would return the country to domination by a foreign-backed Christian minority. They reject the indignities that their nation, history, culture, and civilization have been subjected to for the past 3 years.

Sirisena, who absurdly claimed that he represented the Bandaranaike legacy just a day before the election, has suffered a total strategic defeat. The party he purportedly leads no longer exists. As such, the cabal of greedy UPFA MPs and ministers who still hang on to Sirisena have absolutely no mandate: again, their party does not exist.

There is literally no coming back from this.

The only logical action to take is the dissolution of parliament and a new general election.



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