The Ranil Delusion – a Squatter in Temple Trees

Ranil enjoys a cult-like devotion from a small but noisy group of fanatical supporters. With their backing, he has turned the formerly grand, patriotic UNP into a one-man circus.

The transition from D.S. Senanayake (image from article here) to Ranil (stills from video here).

From his childhood Ranil has been told that he was born to rule. Through his various statements, speeches, and media encounters, it can be seen that he believes that he is superior to everyone else, and has unique abilities in leadership and governance which means that it is he and only he who should rule the country. He thinks he is the greatest and the best. In short, he is self-obsessed.

His ever-tightening grip on his party has been helped by two main factors. The first being that the Tamil terrorists destroyed every single other leader who stood in his way. The second being that he has created a working committee filled with special friends and cronies who prevent anyone else from taking over.

So he sits ensconced at the helm of the once patriotic UNP, and has transformed it completely. It is hard to believe that this party fought for independence from foreign domination, for today it is the most anti-national and colonialist-worshipping party in any country.

When his overblown perceptions of himself clash with reality and he doesn’t get the results he feels he deserves, he always trots out a rubbish excuse.

When his lack of ability as a leader is revealed, such as his disastrous prime ministership in 2001-2004, he said it was really the fault of the SLFP president.

When his lack of appeal, due to his treasonous attitudes, is revealed in the democratic arena such as the 2005 presidential election, it was because Mahinda “paid off” the LTTE to prevent voting in the north and east.

When his party lost the general election in 2004, it was the fault of Mahinda for buying over MPs with ministerial posts.

When his presidential puppet in the form of Sarath Fonseka (also known as “General කලවැද්දා”) failed in 2010, it was because Mahinda was rabble-rousing the Sinhalese monkeys by winning the war.

When his entire ruling regime and political philosophy was rejected in 2018, it was because the voters were angry that he hadn’t put Mahinda in jail. According to this logic, the people decided to vote for Mahinda in order to remind Ranil to put Mahinda and Gotabhaya in jail.

When his henchmen, including his old school pal Mahendran whom he hand-picked out of Singapore, carried out the biggest bank robbery in Sri Lanka’s history, and were caught, he told the Joint Opposition and the nation that they’d best be quiet because they did not know the difference between Treasury Bonds and James Bond.

He talks about Western nations, Britain in particular, but doesn’t follow any of the principles which makes Western governments civil. He doesn’t take responsibility, and has no honor. With every defeat at the ballot box, rather than resigning as Western politicians do, he takes more and more power onto himself. He is a creature with no shame.

He talks about democracy, but then writes tweets like this and threatens voters with illegally cutting off central funding to their area if the people vote for the opposition party.


Original tweet here. Video here.


Ranil is the worst and most failed political leader that you can imagine. He is a man who has no gravitas, no charisma, and no vision. He has no ability, no skill, and no stake in the future of the country.

It is hard to find a more ineffective, inefficient, and useless politician, in any country in the world.

Think about it, can you think of any world leader who has been as much of a failure as Ranil? And can you think of any political party in the world which is so obsessed with such a failed leader that they cannot find the will to remove him?

Can you name one thing which has improved during the various times that he has had power in the country?

For the past 3 years, he has had the full backing of the president and an illegitimately constructed 2/3 majority in parliament. He enjoys support and advice from neo-colonialist groups abroad and their NGO lackeys at home. And what has he achieved?

He has jailed some war heroes. He has forced other war heroes to pay money to the family of a dead terrorist. He has caused a partially blind war hero to become totally blind. He has been involved in a gigantic Central Bank robbery. He has presided over a dengue epidemic, massive strikes in many sectors of the economy, and a garbage plague.

Corruption has increased, according to his own NGO reports. He has delayed elections on flimsy pretexts. He has jailed Buddhist monks. He has sold national assets built by the previous government. He has built nothing new. He has pandered to minority extremists and is trying to twist, wrench and tear out the heart of the nation through his proposed new constitution.

So why then is there a firm 30% or so of the electorate, and 100% of his MPs, who hang on his every word? They see him failing but rather than questioning his fitness to govern, they wait for his excuse and then fall for it, hook, line and sinker. This can only be explained by the fanaticism of his obsequious sycophants.

The fact that Ranil is still a serious political force in the country, despite being such an abject failure, and consistent election loser, speaks more to the idiocy and sheepishness of his supporters, than to his own survival skills.

It’s as if they have been brainwashed by him, and now they can only see him. He is their messiah. He is the one true god. And, just like the followers of any other cult, they have even passed on this fanaticism to their children.

This Ranil delusion, or the myth of Ranil as the man with the “brain” (මොලේ), is just that, a huge lie built upon nothing but a strange blind faith. There is no record of achievement to back up such faith. His only motivation is the lust for power so that he can rule. He is incapable of leading, governing, or developing. He wants to rule, he needs to rule, and he must rule, for he is Ranil.

The vast majority of Sri Lankans are logical people outside of his small, noisy cult. They see that he is a failed tyrant, a mad emperor who wears no clothes. Every day he remains in-post is another day wasted, where Sri Lanka goes only further backwards.

The only way out of this madness is to hold new general elections.

Ranil is an illegitimate squatter in Temple Trees. He has no mandate and leaves a legacy of disaster. Ranil’s time has long passed. We do not want Ranil. We do not need Ranil. We must remove Ranil.


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