Tragedy in Kandy — so many coincidences

Evolving story. Please read in conjunction with earlier political FakeNews attacks here and here. More bad actors exposed here.

Trying to piece together what the hell just happened in Kandy.

whathappened2 - Copy.png

And a chilling announcement exactly one week prior by Rajitha, one of the first coup plotters of 2015:

2weeks - Copy.png

More #FakeNews on March 6th too:

mirror-mrriot2 - Copy.png

Will update this page as more dots get connected.

Important thing is to stay calm, report all criminal activity to the police, and demand the government punish all thugs and criminals.

Don’t let Ranil and Sirisena use what is happening to shut down freedom of speech and the internet. Once they do, they will never give it back to you again.

There is a bigger game going on, and the objective is the 2020 Presidential and General Elections.

At the links you will see a compilation of tweets from one key fakenews spreader.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven.

Full explanation here.

Further updates to follow.

One thought on “Tragedy in Kandy — so many coincidences

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