Beware Sri Lankan “Moderates” Bearing Good Governance

How those preaching good governance are just shills for a foreign extreme-left neocolonial agenda.

coverimage - Copy
Sri Lanka’s wannabe John Oliver, only a lot less funny. Also, he’s a “moderate.” From here.

Let me start by asking you some very moderate, reasonable questions.

Isn’t rule of law good? Isn’t corruption bad? Isn’t ethnic harmony good? Isn’t racism bad? Isn’t trade good? Isn’t economic stagnation bad? Isn’t it better to have foreign allies? Isn’t it bad to be isolated? Isn’t development good? Isn’t debt bad?

Isn’t a fresh young leader good? Isn’t an old stale leader bad? Isn’t media freedom good? Isn’t censorship bad? Isn’t a small cabinet good? Isn’t a jumbo cabinet bad? Isn’t animal welfare good? Isn’t elephant abuse bad? Isn’t investigation of crimes good? Isn’t covering up crimes bad? Isn’t democracy good? Isn’t dictatorship bad?

Those who ask these questions seem very reasonable. Of course, all those things they list as being good, are good. And all those things they say are bad, are bad. What sensible citizen would want racism, or want to be sanctioned by foreign countries, or want criminals to go unpunished?

But when Sri Lankan “moderates” ask these reasonable questions, what they are really asking is this: Isn’t Ranil good? Isn’t Mahinda bad?

For the past 3.5 years, these so-called moderates have been covering up for the campaign of lies that brought the Yahapalana regime to power.

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s downfall was due to two factors alone. Firstly, the perception of lawlessness and corruption which allowed the UNP to spread the wildest of allegations against him. Secondly, the unveiling of Sirisena as a reliable insider witness to those alleged crimes and high-level corruption, and as a suitably experienced and honest substitute for Mahinda.

As the people have realized that they were duped on both fronts, the moderate brigade have activated their plan to conceal, confuse, disorientate, and distract the people in order to save their sinking ship – and to protect Ranil and Sirisena.

The new regime have not been able to prove a single allegation of fraud or corruption made against the Rajapaksa family or their government. All they have managed to do is punish Lalith Weerathunga (former presidential secretary) for an invented “sil redi” crime only because he refused to accuse Mahinda of being the “mastermind.” (Fostering Buddhism is a Constitutional requirement, and handing out sil redi to temples can in no way be considered an election bribe – people aren’t that stupid.) So where is the Rajapaksa corruption that the moderates have complained about?

Oh yeah, there was this by the moderate known as, regarding Yoshita Rajapaksa and CSN:

yoshitha1 - Copy
Article here.

Mind you, there was no actual verdict or conviction. Rajapaksa’s son was charged with a crime, and then arrested and paraded on the way to remand prison. He was then released on bail and all the while there has not been any actual proof of wrongdoing presented anywhere.

At the same time, the new regime has engaged in unprecedented corruption, at every level. Ravi Karunanayake became the fall-guy for the bond scam which involved the Singaporean national Mahendran (and his son in law Alosyius), who was appointed to his post directly on Ranil’s order. Sure, there was a big hoo-hah of a Presidential Commission, but has anyone been charged with any crime? Has anyone been punished?

All that has happened out of the biggest Central Bank robbery in the nation’s history, taking place during the good governance regime, has been RaviK giving up his ministerial post and having to “suffer” as a back-bencher with chauffeur driven cars, massive expense accounts and sumptuous meals at taxpayers’ expense. “Moderate” covers up for this with the following:

lessshit - Copy
“Less Shit Governance” from Ranil-Sirisena. Really? Article here.

Really? “Less Shit Governance”? We’ll come back to the “much more media freedom” claim shortly.

nodamage - Copy
Ranil’s government: incapable of “fucking stuff up,” according to this guy. Article here.

The legacy of the Ranil-Sirisena regime has been one of total disaster. How can he say they don’t do much damage? Investors have fled the country, the economy is in ruins, much needed infrastructure construction has ground to a halt, the cost of living is through the roof, public health and sanitation is non-existent, the Central Bank was robbed by Ranil’s school buddy and the entire state has pretty much collapsed, with race riots to boot. If this is what “fucking less stuff up” is, I shudder to think what actual destruction is for Ranil-Sirisena. Having a nuclear bomb dropped on us?

The Ranil-Sirisena regime have constantly stoked the fears of the minorities by demonizing Rajapaksa and the SLPP as purely a band of racists who appeal to the “irredeemable genetic racism” of the majority of Sinhalese. Of course, based on the election results, it is clear that huge numbers of the minority groups actually didn’t fall for any of this, as the SLPP were able to gain inroads into the Central Hills and Eastern Province too.

After the disastrous rout they suffered at the Local Government election in February, and as their regime was about to be toppled through a no-confidence motion against Ranil, suddenly and coincidentally, a huge race riot erupted. In 1983, JR Jayawardene was in charge and he presided over probably the worst race riot in the nation’s history. In 2018, that very same JR’s nephew, Ranil, was not only in charge of the nation as de facto executive prime minister, but also had just taken over the Law and Order portfolio. How a police and military which were able to defeat the LTTE that controlled 1/3 of the country’s landmass, couldn’t control a few hundred thugs in one district during peace time boggles the mind.

The only thing of significance that the Ranil-Sirisena regime did during this national upheaval was to shut down Facebook and other social media. The thugs were openly operating a few facebook pages for months if not years, and this government did not bother to have those closed. Instead once the rioting had already started and the thugs no longer needed their Facebook accounts, the regime decided to limit all the law abiding citizens’ access to information, and shut off the internet altogether in Kandy. (All the while, Ranil, Sirisena and Telecoms minister Harin Fernando, were getting around their own social media block and posting on Facebook!)

True to form, the “moderate” Sri Lankan had something to say about this censorship too:

okcensor - Copy
Good governance crusader’s response to the the first ever censorship of social media in history. Article here.

What was that about media freedom?

When it comes to the idea of having friends and allies abroad, of course, the more the merrier! Another moderate, Himal has this to say about Mangala “18 billion dollar” Samaraweera’s jaunt in Geneva:

winover - Copy
Article here.

Followed by this

winover2 - Copy
Article here.

And this

winover3 - Copy
Article here.

The purpose of all this is to sound very moderate and reasonable. But underlying everything is the simple question – why did we “lose” the world such that we had to “win them over” again? And when did we lose them?

Sri Lanka never really had international support from the foreign powers that run the UN Human Rights Commission – though it should really be called a Human Rights Circus given how many of the countries on the panel, including those who make pronouncements about Sri Lanka, openly discriminate against minorities and women, and have death penalties for any criticism of their unelected rulers.

With the end of imperialism, patriots like D.S. Senanayake, the Father of the Nation, could have led us to development and prosperity. But D.S. died a few years after Independence. Isn’t it a little bit too coincidental?

SWRD Bandaranaike tried to improve access to education by allowing Sinhala language in schools in 1956, which would create a Sinhala Buddhist professional class. But he was killed soon after. Lalith, Gamini, and Premadasa were all Sinhala Buddhist leaders but they all ended up dead at the hands of Tamil terrorists.

The colonialists left behind an entire class of stooges to do their bidding. Every single leader who could have developed us ended up dead somehow or other. Those left behind to rule were the stooge class. The destruction of an entire generation of Buddhist UNP leaders through “accidents, “shootings” and terrorist bombs, left only Ranil standing. Convenient, no?

Sri Lanka remaining as a war-ravaged crap hole which could easily be manipulated through “aid” donations suited the Circus countries very well. And then Mahinda arrived on the scene with his brother Gotabhaya.

The real collapse in international relations came after 2006, when Mahinda dropped the farcical Cease Fire Agreement (during which hundreds of soldiers ended up being blown up) and defeated Tamil terrorism once and for all. It was only from around the time that the Eastern Province was liberated that all the “human rights violations” and “war crimes” allegations started to appear in the western press.

Also of note, no one had even heard of Colonel Karuna until he split off from the main LTTE. The moment he did that, and as he started to work with the government to fight against the LTTE, the NGOs suddenly “realized” that Karuna may have had child soldiers in the past. Their reports of the “crimes” committed by Karuna and their condemnation of him have never stopped since then.

But the NGOs never had a word to say about Prabhakaran and his child soldiers and suicide bombers. By May 2009, the NGOs acted as if there was no LTTE at all, just a bunch of Tamils who were being bombed by the Sri Lankan Airforce for no reason. Apparently, there were no Tamil terrorist fighters then. But according to those same NGOs and Human Rights Circus countries, from 1983 to April 2009, the LTTE was a terrorist force with 10-20,000 fighters, and according to NGOs like Erik Solheim, they were unbeatable .

Sri Lanka was being subjugated by the tyranny of the NGOs which replaced the tyranny of the British Empire. It was because we defeated foreign-sponsored terrorists, and therefore stabilized, that we “lost” all these “do-gooder” countries. During the war years, it was Russia and China that actually helped us to fight for our freedom and to defend our lives.

The “loss” of the foreign community was nothing more than punishment for defying their will. When Rajapaksa was then forced to turn to China for financial support for development, those same “lost” foreign countries started the “corruption” and “good governance” campaign. We don’t need this “foreign community” to “hear us out” when what Sri Lanka did in winning the war was morally, ethically, and legally just and right.

It is of course amusing that he quotes Alan Keenan above, the guy who spent no time at all before blaming Mahinda for the Kandy riots, without a single scrap of evidence! This itself is enough proof of the shady connection between the NGOs and the Sri Lankan moderates.

Towards the end of his article, Himal says this:

winover4 - Copy
Article here.

Two points from this.

He echoes CBK’s calls for a South Africa-style “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” which is a disgrace because that implies that the Sinhalese have done some kind of great racist injustice to the Tamils. In South Africa the white minority oppressed and abused the black majority.

In Sri Lanka too, the ones doing the abusing and oppression, and the suicide bombing and the terrorism, were the minority – i.e., the Tamil extremists. So if we are to have a Reconcilliation Commission, those taking the stand should not be Sinhalese but Tamil racists like Sampanthan, Wigneswaran, and Sumanthiran. For they, along with their deceased counterparts Chelvanayagam and Amirthalingam, were the ones who turned their thirst for colonial-era privileges into fully fledged and bloody assault on Sinhalese civilization itself (hacking open pregnant Sinhalese villagers’ bellies and killing foetuses before killing the mother, and other vicious crimes against humanity are of no importance to and Himal).

Secondly, throughout this article but best illustrated in the last quote, the author keeps squirming as he professes that engaging in a foreign-designed system of guilt acceptance and reparations is not to be done because of hypocritical foreigners, and that we are a sovereign country, but all the while he wants us to do exactly what the foreign powers want, as was the case when we had no sovereignty.

Why is he twisting and turning and spinning around so much? It’s because he knows that what he wants us to do is nothing more than subjugating ourselves and punishing ourselves for the “crime” of defeating terrorists and winning a 30 year war. This is the precise definition of surrender and treachery: engaging in a national humiliation in order to please foreigners.

“Geopolitical reality” is precisely why we don’t have to do any of these war crimes witch hunts to please foreign bad actors. The UN is a disgrace, the international charity industry has been found guilty of serious sexual abuses of the vulnerable, the anti-democratic European Union is bankrupt and collapsing in front of our eyes, and America is focused on rebuilding itself and has no interest in meddling abroad. Sri Lanka is in no way isolated if we actually join hands with the countries that have helped us in the past at our time of need. Those countries also happen to be stable and prosperous.

Let’s move on to economic development. The moderates love free trade and open borders. They love Singapore. They love ETCA and CEPA.

cepa - Copy
Article here.

They make it sound like if you want economic development and you want to become like Singapore, you have to take the whole package. This is a canard.

Countries like the USA, Japan, and South Korea developed by creating an internal free market, applying capitalism, exporting goods abroad, and by using tariffs to help foster local manufacturing. It was only later, once they had become prosperous, that they liberalized external trade. Even today, it is very rare to see American made Ford cars in Japan and South Korea, but very common to see Toyota, Hyundai and Kia cars all over the world.

Singapore has a lot of foreign workers but they are only allowed in based on whether or not they will provide value to Singapore. If you have open borders, you always get a flood of poor immigrants who then push down wages and so lower the wealth of the working class. ECTA will flood Sri Lanka with poor Indians who will then destroy the labour market for Sri Lankans.

Furthermore, a complete free trade agreement like NAFTA will lead to factories and jobs moving to the cheapest place, destroying the lives of millions of Sri Lankans. This is exactly what happened in America after Clinton signed NAFTA, and the loss of factories to Mexico is a huge reason why Trump won the election. America has already started to impose tariffs on foreign imports again precisely in order to boost the American economy.

Here’s again:

cepaexpats - Copy
Article here.

Comparing millions of poor South Indians flooding into Sri Lanka with Sri Lankans going abroad to the West is a complete distortion of the truth, and insulting to Sri Lankan expatriates.

At the working class level, Sri Lankans have gone abroad where they had jobs to do and where there was a labor shortage. At the professional level, Sri Lankans went abroad to provide highly skilled labor as engineers, accountants, and doctors, to countries that had a shortage of these professionals.

Does Sri Lanka have a labor shortage? Has Sri Lanka reached full employment? No. Opening the flood gates will only depress wages, put a strain on our hospitals and schools, overheat the housing market, and will probably increase separatism too. It is because of these practical, negative effects of uncontrolled immigration that we are seeing the rise of anti-EU parties throughout Europe, along with the British decision to just leave Europe altogether.

Regarding pies, uncontrolled immigration does not grow a pie. It makes less pie available for everyone. Only the application of capitalism makes the pie bigger. When Sri Lanka’s economy is as big and as developed as Singapore’s, then we can worry about pies and bringing immigrants. But we are far from there.

I could talk about how concern for “elephant welfare” is actually just a foil with which to attack Buddhism and the Peraheras, an objective of Christian extremists for centuries. I could talk about how after condemning Mahinda’s “jumbo cabinets” back then, no one even knows how many ministers we have today (over a hundred, it looks like). I could talk about how the so-called dictator held an election of his own volition and left even before the results came out and how the “good governance” brigade delayed elections for three years and still won’t resign even after the worst ever defeat in history.

I could talk about how Wimal Weerawansa and Udaya Gammanpila were dragged into jail cells after being charged with invented crimes but never found guilty of anything, whenever the SLPP had a successful rally with large crowds.

I could talk about how war hero soldiers and intelligence personnel are being thrown into jail cells based on anonymous testimony from the surviving families of Tamil terrorists, or how peaceful disabled war veterans are being batonned and water cannoned and beaten such that one partially blind hero ended up losing his remaining vision too, or how one war hero was forced to pay massive compensation for shooting an escaping terrorist.

I could talk about how none of this is written about and no liberal tears are shed by the Sri Lankan moderates about these issues. But I don’t think I need expand on the self-censorship exercised by the “moderates” for these heinous crimes perpetrated by this illegitimate, anti-national regime. The agenda of the moderates is self-evident, based on these convenient omissions.

I will end on the leadership issue. Isn’t it good to have a nice, young, fresh leader? Yes, but not for the sake of it. This isn’t a beauty contest and we aren’t selecting Sri Lanka’s next TV Idol. Leaders have to steer an entire country on the best path, carrying the weight of responsibility for millions of citizens on their shoulders, all while being buffeted by unpredictable storms from abroad. Heavy lies the crown.

Though “moderates” love to make the comparison, there is absolutely no equivalency between Mahinda and Ranil or Mahinda and Sirisena. Ranil is driven only by greed for power, while Sirisena seems to be driven by envy of Mahinda along with greed for power.

carsandhouses - Copy
You just can’t attack Mahinda without Fakenews about him. Article here. (By the way, the link he has about Trump is also a piece of FakeNews.)

There’s no need for this fake news. Just as there were no Lamborghinis, no golden horses, no buried gold, and no “18 billion dollar” bank account, Mahinda didn’t even have a house in Colombo at the end of his 9 years as president.

Mahinda has been leading the opposition – the real one, not the imaginary “Opposition” by Eelam Grand-daddy Sampanthan – because of the unending calls from the masses for him to lead them. It’s as though the Sinhala Buddhist civilizational consciousness itself is crying out for his return to government, to return us to stability, development and prosperity that we had just a few years ago.

And what’s so lowly about being an MP if people vote for you to be their MP? Winston Churchill, Britain’s own war winning national hero, lost the general election immediately after leading his country to victory in World War 2, but he stayed on as an MP and was later re-elected to be Prime Minister again.

The fact of who these “moderate” guys actually voted for in the last two presidential elections is enough to show you who and what they really are.

Original articles: 2010, 2015.

One thing he’s written is pretty chilling though, in light of the State of Emergency declared right after the LG poll result showed the comeback of the Patriotic Forces of the country.

thailand - Copy
Insight into the mind of the desperate? A chilling forewarning of things to come? Article here.

From their writings, it is evident that the so-called “moderates” are just stooges of foreign colonialist forces. They are devious individuals who seek to use the backing of malign, morally corrupt outsiders, to gain power for themselves.

The moderates use a tone of reasonableness to give legitimacy to their servile objectives, but their rank hypocrisy and true aims are exposed by even the slightest scrutiny. Their path to power now rests on trying to bring Marxist inspired extreme-left wing liberalism to Sri Lanka, while talking about freedom, capitalism and good governance. Don’t fall for it.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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