An Open Response to Thisuri’s 2015 Rant

The fall of a lying Yahapalana Harpie: An Open Response to Thisuri’s Rant on her deleted blog: “An Open Response to Namal’s Rant on the Colombo Telegraph “Vengeful Politics and Rugby: Phone Calls to My Brothers””

liberalcoverimage - Copy

I’m so sorry that the regime you helped bring to power is struggling a lot these days.

Imagine my utter disgust to see, immediately after a humiliating rout at the local government election, just when a no-confidence motion was about to be presented against your boss Ranil, which would have brought down his entire illegitimate regime and your monstrous yahapalanaya, a massive, deadly race riot began, with eerie similarities to the 1983 riots – which also happened the last time the UNP were in charge.

I remember you liked to write sarcastic letters when you want to make political points, so I thought I would try and reach you through your preferred medium. I have to warn you though, I’m not so good at two-faced spleen venting, so it won’t be as undignified as the effluent you put out.

I was reflecting on the people who were around online back in 2015, and thought of finding your blog again to reminisce about those days. What a journey we’ve had since then!

However, strangely, I was surprised to find that your now infamous letter to Namal Rajapaksa from January 2015, along with your entire blog, has just gone, vanished into thin air. Well not completely gone, the domain name is still active but it seems to be now used by some Japanese company marketing handbags and perfume. Anyway, I digress.

I wondered why you would have deleted your entire blog. Boy was it full of such juicy gossip and amazing revelations from you. You were in those days nothing less than a prophet. You went across the oceans to a faraway land, and came back 40 (or more) days later with stone tablets decrying all the ills of the Rajapaksas, made aware of these “truths” from the all-knowing deity’s lightning bolts, and transmitted them to us over the internet at 40 kilobits per second.

Hmm, I seem to recall you had some real sassy putdowns for Namal in that letter. And you went further than that, didn’t you. You even used that blog to expose the “massive” corruption that the Rajapaksa regime had allegedly committed, and had detailed numbers and break downs too, once you got your plum job inside the Sirisena’s regime.  Was that what all your moralizing, huffing and puffing was really for — just to get a job?

award2 - Copy
Receiving an award from the “corrupt” Rajapaksa in 2010 was good when she needed to build up her profile. Strange how she still hangs onto it to this day, despite decrying the “despotism” of the man who gave it to her.

I wonder what it is like to receive an award from the president who saved this country from total destruction, standing up to what the CIA called the world’s most ruthless terrorists, and to foreign countries and NGOs that, though today stagnating and embroiled in child abuse scandals respectively, were extremely powerful at the time. I wonder also what it is like to betray that man and his entire family, attacking him with outright fabrications, alleging appalling crimes and corruption, which you knew all along were nothing more than bald-false lies.

Tell me, did Mahinda’s government pay any part of your US college tuition fees? And did Yahapalanaya pay for your further studies since then, apart from the salary and perks you have been enjoying as a regime intern and advisor? What I’m really asking I suppose is whether the taxpayer, whom you profess to care so much about, has had to spend any of their hard-earned money, on someone as vile as you?

Seeing as your blog is now gone, and my memory is not photographic, I guess we won’t be able to reminisce about all that together, three and a half years later. Let me at least try to recall as best as I can some of the stuff you alleged, in that letter to Namal. Maybe, as I think hard enough and long enough, some neurons will activate, and from the depths of my cerebrum, slowly but surely, at first fragments of black and white, then letters with form, then words and perhaps finally even entire sentences will reveal themselves to me.

Shall we try it? Why not?

Focusing, thinking, ah yes, the Open letter. Ah, yes. The “corruption.” Let me think, something about horses…some kind of cars…sports cars… expensive sports cars… bought with someone’s money…hmm, no…ah, yes… bought with “trillions of tax-payer money.” Does this ring a bell for you? No? I need to think harder…

Oh, screw it. I may have forgotten the details, and you may have deleted the blogs, but the internet never forgets.

I found what you wrote.

namal1 - Copy


namal2-2 - Copy


namal3 - Copy

namal4 - Copy


Wow. Such hate. And such cheap, below the belt attacks. Not even a mother is spared. And so many lies! Talk about #Fakenews!

I thought it was Lamborghinis (as per Rosy), but you went the whole hog and turned it into “…all those Ferraris, Audis and Bugattis.” All the while, Mahinda didn’t even have a house in Colombo to live in that was his own. While your regime denied his rightful official residence for about 3 years, he was living in his sister’s house whenever he was in Colombo. Amazing “corruption” that. You even added in the “gold from the treasury” too. What a barrel of laughs. How much did you laugh and swivel your eyes as you wrote that utter piffle, knowing that you had a whole legion of gullible twitterers waiting eagerly to swallow your slanderous nonsense hook, line and sinker?

And while you berated the Rajapaksas for “censorship,” funnily I could read all the falsehoods you and your team spread during all that “censorship,” I note that you have recently changed your stance on the matter. We now join the illustrious ranks of North Korea in terms of censorship and access to information.

Quaint isn’t it, your “robust” discussion with your yahapalana bosses, and coming to the totally liberal, totally democratic, totally human rights respecting conclusion that it’s acceptable to just giving up a little bit of freedom, for the greater good of course. Precisely how every other dictatorship in the world got started.

And as with every other dictatorship which bans social media and engages in censorship, the ruling elite are always above the law. Isn’t it amazing how you are still able to access the blocked platform!

censorship3 - Copy

Anyway, let’s get back to your blog post. And the responses you got back then.

icaruswept - Copy
Yuddhanjaya (Icaruswept), another of the online yahapalanayas, doesn’t write politics anymore. It looks like when yahapalanaya collapsed under the weight of its own lies, he decided to create a fantasy sci-fi world in which Sri Lanka is still a colony of the British Empire. Not surprising I guess, he’s a foreigner sucking neo-colonialist after all.

You made fun of Namal having Wimal to talk to, but that is a million times better than the people you end up talking with:

dumindamessage - Copy
I’ll prefer to contact Wimal over the baldy any day.

And what about that corruption, eh? You know, all those facts and figures you listed on your blog back then. I seem to recall that you based your totals on a highly reliable source. One who’s word is sacrosanct, beyond question, beyond doubt, beyond fallibility. No, no, I don’t just mean Mangala “18 billion dollar” Samaraweera. The other guy, you know, the guy who allegedly owns a fleet of ships. Yeah now you know who I’m talking about! Of course, Mr. Dentist himself, the pathological liar Rajitha. And let’s not forget Champika’s allegations too.

Let me refresh your memory.

rajapaksacostus - Copy

The rest of the document is here.

So how is the investigation going? I ask you because you work for Sirisena himself, and I’m sure that having taken such a keen interest in the finances of this country, and the alleged theft of national funds, to wit, into Shiranthi’s Seychelles account, you would have found a fraction of the allegedly missing money by now, right? No? OK, how about an even smaller fraction. Let’s say from your total 15 Billion rupees allegedly stolen, have you found one billionth yet? No? You mean you haven’t been able to find even 15 rupees that the Rajapaksas have stolen? What’s that you say? You haven’t actually even proven that Rajapaksa stole 1, that’s right one, ONE, measly rupee? After three and a half years of searching? Wow, just wow.

It was funny how you based your entire “exposé” on quotes from the above three lying politicians, and then backed up your claims with links to foreign news sources which cited those very same politicians as their own sources. Is that how they teach referencing and citation at what the Financial Times reported was the alma mater of T.S. Elliott and W.H.Auden – both of whom were men who apparently attended the women’s-only college you went to? Circular citations, site your masters and then provide evidence in the form of a quote those same masters gave to totally biased, and commercially failing, foreign news agencies.

Now I must ask you something.

I wonder how it feels to have been a part of the most dishonest, duplicitous, devious, disingenuous, cynical, deceitful and treacherous political campaign in this country’s history. You people built a lie around the Rajapaksas that was so big and so shocking and so ugly, that when it eventually got exposed, as it has now, it must feel like a gigantic meteorite has just hit you, right?

The peoples’ anger at the realization that they were treated like imbeciles and fooled, and tricked, and mocked by little individuals with ulterior agendas and big mouths like you, has swelled up so much so that the election result on February 11th was nothing less than a civilizational roar, a primal cry of humanity demanding its dignity back. That earthquake must have shaken you to your bones. Is that why you deleted your blog?

Was it the shame? Was it fear? Why did you stop writing around 2017? Why did your domain name registration lapse around January 2018?

Was it because you knew what was going to happen? Was it because people saw Ranil’s cronyism? Was it because of Ranil’s corruption? Was it because of Ravi’s penthouse? Was it because of the dengue epidemic? Was it because of the provincial councils being shut down, except the Northern one, and elections being illegally delayed for years, all because your masters knew Mahinda was going to win?

Why didn’t you stand by your words? You are always so sanctimonious and loud. What happened? Again, I ask why did you delete your blog? Why did you try and conceal your crimes?

If you really meant what you said about good governance, you could easily have still kept all that stuff online. You could have just admitted that you were wrong. Where are your liberal values? Why do you show no remorse or contrition for the great harm you have done to this country? Have you no shame for even attacking Mrs. Rajapaksa, a bystanding mother? Where is your common decency? Don’t they teach that at the convent these days?

By the way, seeing as how according to you everything the Rajapaksas did was corrupt, and everyone they rewarded or praised was a crook, it is rather odd to see you still brandish your “best novelist” award, and mention it wherever you go, despite the evil, corrupt Rajapaksa having given it to you. If you’ve forgotten what I mean, here you are in an interview at Bennington in 2016, again mentioning the award.

2016-award - Copy
Still talking about that award from Rajapaksa, even in December 2016.

And here, even in 2018 it is still prominent on your Twitter bio too.

twitterCVwithMRaward - Copy

The least you could do, if you were sincere about your supposed motivations, is to return the award and stop including it in your damned CV. Just a thought.

But the bigger question is, what was your actual plan? Surely you knew that these false allegations would not stand up in a court of law when there was no evidence to back them up. Ah, perhaps you thought you could fool all the people long enough to put Mahinda and his family behind bars, in jail cells of made of your own innuendo and hatred? Perhaps you thought your foreign sponsors would then sweep in and take away the troublesome Rajapaksas to a foreign prison? So that you could roam free to give Sri Lanka what it really needs at this juncture – sex education for children.

Let me paraphrase a little and express myself, using mostly your own words from 2015:

I want to thank you and your master’s regime for the great lesson you all taught our great nation; the lesson of politics, karma and the power of the people.

You spent most of your time in power trying to victimize others through your power, and assuming way too much. You assumed that despite Sri Lanka being such a small country, nobody will notice the culture of corruption you created. You assumed that what felt right for you was what was right for the country.

You assumed that people wouldn’t notice when you arrested prominent, popular politicians like Wimal and Udaya on trumped up charges right after they held massive rallies, like the ones at Nugegoda or at Galle Face Green. You assumed that people wouldn’t care that there were never any horses, Lamorghinis, or buried gold. You assumed people wouldn’t care that there was no hidden bank account in Dubai, that Shiranthi didn’t have any money in the Seychelles. You assumed that people wouldn’t notice how every thug, criminal, rogue, bandit and racist whose presence you used to paint Mahinda as a despot, ended up in the yahapalana government with a ministerial post to boot, or how Duminda, Mervyn and the BBS were never charged, arrested or punished for their crimes — and in fact were allowed to roam free and cause destruction in Kandy.

You assumed that all Sri Lankans suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and that we will love you and vote for you, no matter how bad you treat us. You assumed that attacking our protesting farmers, abusing animals by opening the zoo at night, making our war heroes pay reparations to the families of dead terrorists, totally blinding a partially blind war hero, dragging war hero naval officers into jails, threatening our journalists, censoring our media and blocking Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media, and taking down anyone who criticized you was the way to go. You must know that your regime wrote a whole new book of vengeful politics, imprisoning political opponents and wrongfully deleting a sitting Chief Justice only to replace him with one who was lawfully impeached by none other than your Sirisena himself.

Our country with all its diversity and baggage has a habit of uniting as one and working together to save our nation from times of grave depression. Such instances are a rare sight. One such instance was the 1948 independence struggle when Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims united to fight against colonialism. And since then, the first time we all united to fight for the democracy of our great nation was this Local Government election when we overthrew your regime. I think a main reason for this was that the fact that the governance your regime believed in was your own kind of colonialism. The Brits enslaved us, took away our rights, seized our lands, stole our resources, invested in our country and sent the benefits they wrongfully reaped back to their homeland. You did pretty much the same, with the exception of the fact that instead of giving the benefits to the homeland, you gave them to Mahendran, Ravi, India, surviving terrorists, and the UNP election campaign.

I’m writing to thank you for reminding our nation which has been apart for many decades, the power and the importance of uniting as one people. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.


Let me be clear now, as you made clear to Namal back then (second paragraph of the Open Reply), I’m not just writing to thank you.

I have had the odorous, onerous, revolting, task of reading through years’ worth of what can only be described as the electronic partially rotten vomitus that comes out of your twisted brain. Though you couch everything in terms of what is good for Sri Lanka, what is good for citizens and governance, in fact, what really shines through is how every, single, thing you spew from your hate-filled, anti-Buddhist, bigoted mind ultimately is about you. You, you, and you. Perhaps after all this time of telling yourself otherwise, you finally realized that everyone else could see that dark truth too, and perhaps that is the real reason why you deleted your blog: whatever little bit of conscience you have left in your warped, Marxist ego, made you delete the blog.

Nah! Who am I kidding? I know you just wanted to hide your past collusion in grave treason. But the internet never forgets.

May your Father, who art in Heaven, blessed be His Name, forgive you your trespasses, and lead you not into further temptation, but deliver you from evil. Amen.

buddhist1 - Copy

P.S. And no, I’m not connected to the SLPP, the Rajapaksas or any other groups in any way, shape or form. I don’t get money from anyone because it is not any burden on me to stand up for the family that saved us all, for my country, nation, and civilization; and I don’t want any money either, because my heart is not for sale. What I do is my duty. I am a citizen. You are a traitor.

Update: See my next letter to Thisuri.

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