Brown People Have White Privilege? Yes, the SJWs have come to Sri Lanka

The story of Thisuri, Donald Trump and Dayan — far-left liberalism arrives in a small Buddhist island called Sri Lanka.

dayanandprotege - Copy
Photo Inset at top right, from left to right: Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha (yellow tie) and Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka (blue shirt, no tie)

Please note this is a long article. I urge you to read the whole thing for an actual dissection of the themes, but if you want to get to the analysis and discussion, please click here.

So Thisuri, hello once again. You must be busy these days, as you strive to be able to prefix your name with the title “Dr.” Who did you get that idea from by the way? Was it Dr. Dayan advising you?

A fictional story by someone without a university degree is “the best post-war novel and a roadmap to reconciliation and manifesto for the government of Sri Lanka” according to Dr. Dayan – high praise indeed. Source.

So as I mentioned in my earlier message to you, my self-anointed task of scraping through the muck that you and your fellow online-yahapalanas produced back during the Rajapaksa period has been quite a revolting experience for me. Not because you were against Rajapaksa per se, but because of all the deliberate lying you did.

What’s more, it appears that the only way you can understand the world around you is through cynicism and sarcasm, so I, usually a straight-shooter and direct, have had to learn your Machiavellian ways of expression, just to make sure that you can grasp how the rest of the world sees you and your ideology.

So I came across an article you had written on the rumor mill that is Colombo Telegraph. It is true that this website was blocked under Mahinda. All it did was spread #fakenews and false allegations. However, I think it was a little short-sighted for the Rajapaksa government to have done that. What they should have done was just kept it open so everyone could easily see what a madhouse it was. The articles are written by raving psychopaths, many of them Ranil’s sycophants, and most of the comments are clearly written by certifiable nutcases. But they are funny nonetheless! Anyway I digress.

As Colombo Telegraph hasn’t purged their entire posting history and let their domain name be bought by some Japanese handbag store, as you have, I was able to easily find one of your stories from 2016, November 19th 2016 to be precise.

You entitled it “Buddhism, Sri Lankan Trump Supporters and the Pedagogy of the Oppressed.” Here it is:

article1 - Copy
First paragraph of the article in question. Full article here.

Since it is almost entirely based on lies, straw man arguments, hyperbole, and fakenews, I see that you have – understandably, given your brazen perfidy and lack of integrity – decided not to stray from your home turf of fiction writing.

But anyway, let’s get into it.

Firstly, I didn’t know Donald Trump was a Buddhist, otherwise I have no idea why you are dragging Buddhism into this. Secondly, let me say that your verbose writing sure meanders a lot. It is hard to follow what exactly you are saying, but the gist of it seems to be that Buddhism is bad. While you are now at the University of Colombo, you may want to find some psychology majors and ask them to explain to you what “word salad,” “flight of ideas,” and “pressure of speech” means. A lot of those terms can be applied to your articles. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to ask them what mental condition is associated with those three terms – you won’t like the answer.

Ok, ok, let me get started for real this time. Sorry to keep you in suspense.

I see that you are very concerned about President Trump. You did write your article soon after Trump won, and to many far-left liberal Marxists such as yourself, that would no doubt have come as a huge shock. I mean, the totally accurate, totally unbiased, totally factual, totally not-failing-with-record-low-circulation-numbers-and-no-subscribers-and-not-layingoff-dozens-of-staff mainstream press, Exhibit A being the New York Times, had given your Clinton an 85% chance of victory on election night itself.

nytclintonprecent - Copy

Keep reading, it got even better for you:

nytclintonprecent2 - Copy

If even that wasn’t certain enough for you and your gang, the world-famous, respectable, prestigious Princeton Election Consortium – yes, from the Ivy League University that is Princeton – had the probability at 93%.

princetonclintonprecent - Copy
Who can argue with Princeton?

And the even more trashy authentic Huffington Post said the probability of Clinton winning was 98%. What could possibly go wrong?

huffpoclintonprecent - Copy
Huffington Post were 98% certain that Clinton would win, but Trump wasn’t even allowed to get a measly 2% — no, according to these experts, his chance of winning was only 1.7%.

And then BOOM:

The actual results showed Americans gave Trump 307 Electoral College votes. Clinton only got 227, far shy of the 270 needed to win. 9.8 out of 10 million simulations by The Huffington Post showed Clinton easily reaching the key number of Electoral College Votes. What went wrong?

Let me tell you, it sure was fun to watch the financially failing legacy media all around the world running for the hills with their tails between their legs:

nytdatafailed - Copy

Keep going, it gets worse for you:

nytdatafailed2 - Copy

Well at least the NYT had enough integrity to admit they were wrong, though not enough integrity to admit that they were purposefully lying to the American people all this time. Unlike you however, none of these publications deleted all the non-factual propaganda they pumped out during the preceding few years.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere for you, but I doubt you’ll figure it out.

Let’s get back to what you wrote though, since obviously, you are all that matters.

To all genuine followers of Buddhism, and everyone else who believes in equality, the US election was a punch in the gut. A man who ran on a campaign of racism, taking American jobs away from immigrants and foreign nationals, a man who took pride in not paying his share of taxes and swore to implement a regressive tax policy, cutting taxes for the rich, putting the burden of funding government on the poor, a man who was caught on tape talking about raping women, became the leader of the free world. In the first 24 hours following the election results alone, 8 American transexual youth committed suicide. People console themselves saying he’s not going to be as bad as he seems, but, within days of his election Trump appointed a white nationalist as his chief of staff. Since the election, in many states across the United States, Nazi swastikas were graffitied on walls, muslim, black, Asian, brown and LGBTQ citizens were harassed, and assaulted. In cities big and small all around the world, from New York to London to Tokyo, white supremacists have sprung up, racist hate crime reports have risen. On one hand this is going to be a painful four years for Americans and political minorities around the world. On the other hand, however, this may be the only way for those blinded by privilege and believe that racism, and misogyny don’t exist in today’s world, to get a front row seat to watch these issues unveil themselves on the centre stage of global politics.

Now this is pure Marxist propaganda, straight off the bat. I mean you start with a canard that anyone who disagrees with you, or Clinton, is not a true Buddhist, and doesn’t believe in equality (whatever that word is supposed to mean). Then the rest of your introduction is just a bunch of lies. Trump is certainly bombastic and braggadocious, and yes, he can express things in undiplomatic language, but he has never said any of the things you attribute to him.

Really, where to begin?

Trump’s job as president of the USA is to protect the jobs, rights, and freedoms of Americans. He is president of America, not president of the world.

Everyone should pay as little tax as is legally possible, because the money you earn is yours, and does not belong to some bureaucrat, who will spend it on some nonsensical project that involves three different committees, a load of unelected officials, and which produces nothing but a report on what sized staples should hold together that very same report – this is very similar to what Ranil does, so I guess that’s why you want Trump to pay more, so that bureaucrats and NGOs can appoint committees on Sri Lanka and dole out money to stooges like you, so that you can then spread your Marxism here.

Continuing this theme, lowering taxes actually increases government tax revenues, which is why the most vibrant economies have flat-taxes for all, regardless of income. The “poor,” again a relative term that has no real value except for Marxists to get votes through class envy, actually pay very little tax already, with almost half of America receiving some kind of welfare check, funded through taxing the hard work, time and energy of the half of the population that actually works and does something productive.

Trump was not caught on tape talking about raping women. The full tape, not the edited one that was released just before the election, shows that he was saying that when men have power, certain kinds of women let those men do anything to them, including grabbing them by the privates. What Trump said was crude, locker room talk, but was in no way advocating or admitting to rape.

Moving on to hate crimes, there is no way any sane person could say that Trump’s election caused young transsexuals to kill themselves. The suicide rate among young transsexual people is around 50% in almost every country in the world. Do you have any proof at all that these tragic deaths actually even happened? And if they did happen immediately after Trump’s election win, as you claim, do you have proof that it was Trump’s victory that caused their deaths? You don’t provide any links so we cannot assess the veracity of your highly inflammatory claims.

But you do talk about hate crimes in general as well, don’t you. All those hate crimes that have happened soon after Trump won the election. Well, luckily, the US has been built by its Founding Fathers to be based on integrity and honesty, so we can just look up all the statistics about hate crimes. It took a while to check the FBI records, but for your convenience, I have made a graph of the last 10 years’ worth of hate crimes in the USA. No more recent data is available yet, and when it comes to hate crimes based on gender, these have only been counted since 2014. Three data points does not make a trend. In any case, all of these data are prone to reporting bias.

hatecrime - Copy

Trump’s first Chief of Staff is described as an America-first campaigner, but he is in no way a white nationalist or racist. As you probably don’t know, he developed Andrew Breitbart’s Breitbart News as a fact-based alternative to the failing mainstream media. Most of his staff are Jewish, and one of his first acts was to hire the British Muslim Raheem Kassam to be not just a staff writer, but the fully fledged Chief Editor of Breitbart’s London edition. Tell me, how many non-white, non-liberal, or sexual minority editors do the New York Times, Washington Post, or other Fakenews companies have?

Carrying on then, next comes some of your hyperbole, without which you can’t make your already fact-deficient argument effective. Is there any proof you can provide, that within ten days of Trump’s election, and a whole 2.5 months before he actually took over the office of president, that white supremacists have sprung up everywhere? What’s even funnier is how you state that white supremacists have risen up in Tokyo too.

Yeah I can see it now, all those 20-something Americans and Europeans in Japan working as English teachers, hoping to experience a unique country while passing on their knowledge, heard that Trump had won, and immediately donned their Klu Klux Klan hoodies and started spreading “hate” and drawing swastikas all over Tokyo, Osaka and Nagasaki. Not to mention that swastikas can be found all over Japan anyway – being an ancient religious symbol, most temples in Japan and Asia in general have swastikas painted on the walls, and wooden panels with swastika carvings. So yeah, these Trump supporting white guys, a tiny proportion of Japan’s miniscule 1% non-Japanese population, started spreading their “hate” as soon as CNN said Trump had won. Come on now, you studied in Japan after the present regime came to power (who paid for that by the way?), so you should know how stupid you sound.

In the USA however, there was a reported hate crime wave against minorities. There was this case where some university students were racially abused on a bus. Even your hero, Crooked Hillary condemned it.

clintontweetracism - Copy

The tweets marked “-H” are directly from her, and not written by her staff members.

But, wait, it turns out that never happened:

albany - Copy
Don’t worry, those racist white Americans were still doing other hate crimes though. Like this incident, where two students at Salisbury University found a threatening drawing of a lynching in a classroom, along with “#Whitepower” written next to it. Oh wait, that was fake too.

salisbury1-use - Copy

Then there was this hate crime, where employees wrote a homophobic slur on some guy’s cake. When the store challenged his allegation in court, he dropped his claim saying the shop staff didn’t do anything wrong.

wholefoods - Copy

But these all happened during the “wonder that was the Obama administration” as you put it in your article. This was going on when everyone knew that Hillary was going to win. What about after Trump won?

Like this hate crime, you mean. A sexual and racial minority student at Chicago university received threatening letters telling her to “go to hell” signed with “#Trump”. You guessed it! Fake .

chicago - Copy

And there was this one too at an Air Force Academy, where even the top General joined in with the virtue signalling, in a Harsha style media stunt. Fake.

airforce - Copy

And then there was this incident. Yes, yes, don’t even ask. Fake.

olafcollege - Copy
And here, there was anti-Muslim racism after Trump won. And inevitably, it was found to be a hoax:

beloitwasfake - Copy

This isn’t to say that there are no actual hate crimes or racists in any country. Every country suffers from criminals, but compared to what you are alleging about Trump’s victory and the kind of people who live in America and voted for him, it makes it seem shocking that America *isn’t* full of racist white people, and makes it seem as if Trump’s election win is a major reason for hate crime rates which have been rising since long before Trump even declared his candidacy. But please, don’t let facts get in your way.

Let’s move to your next section.

article2 - Copy

Ok, so I know that Sri Lanka’s Financial Times said that T.S. Elliott studied at your women-only (at the time), no-name Bennington College – although he actually studied at Harvard and Oxford – but come on, didn’t they teach you how to use paragraphs?

During the election campaign, certain of victory, Hillary famously said that most of Trump’s supporters were racist, mysogynist and that they were also definitely uneducated and stupid. She said that half of his supporters were deplorable, and the rest were irredeemable, meaning their very beings were abnormal abominations and didn’t have even a hope of being repaired. Such were the immoral dregs who made up Trump’s supporters.

deplorable - Copy
From The Guardian.

Here we see you using the same tropes as Hillary to bash Sri Lankans who may have committed the thought crime of reasoning that Trump was the better leader for America. I note that the invective with which you condemn those who don’t agree with you is pretty much exactly the same as the bilious demagoguery with which Crooked Hillary’s supporters assaulted those who didn’t agree with that failed candidate (America’s own version of Ranil, for sure). But it is plain to see that the real bigots and hate mongers are people like you and her — I guess you are “with her” hehehe.

I'm_With_Her - Copy
The Hillary 2016 presidential campaign slogan. Thisuri is definitely with Her.

Further, for someone who calls herself a feminist and says she is all about women’s and LGBT rights, you sure don’t have much respect for the millions upon millions of women and LBGT citizens who made a conscious, thoughtful decision to vote for Trump, nor for those Sri Lankan women who preferred Trump over Hillary. Just as minority Americans who get good grades, work hard and become successful in the USA are attacked as race-traitors by the liberals over there, over here you insult and denigrate Sri Lankans who think it is better for America to have a patriot at its helm, rather than a woman who used a non-profit “charity” foundation to receive “charity donations” from foreign governments which then miraculously turned into favorable trade agreements or policy directives when Hillary was Secretary of State. This is why she is called “Crooked Hillary” by the way.

muralitharantrack - Copy
As in the west, in Sri Lanka too minority citizens who don’t tow the liberal establishment line of victimhood are mocked and ridiculed.

And I haven’t even gotten to Hillary’s support for Tamil terrorists yet. As always, this second paragraph of yours is also replete with hyperbole. You back up your lies about Sri Lankan women by then resorting to your characteristic exaggerative style, saying that they would even vote for Hitler instead of Hillary because of their inherent bias against Tamils. Technically, Sri Lankans, especially Sinhalese, will automatically be against Tamil terrorists, who were blowing us up with suicide bombs for over 30 years, and also against the Tamil extremist thought-leaders like Chelvanayagam and Sampanthan who fanned the flames of Tamil supremacist ideology — having created the myth of a Tamil homeland prior to that — and directly brought about the Tamil terrorism we suffered from. Of course Sri Lankans would be repulsed by Clinton because of this connection. That is only natural. But of course you would employ reductio ad Hitler when your argument doesn’t have a leg to stand on, typical of extreme-left liberals.

Further still, you then bring out the old “40,000 civilians killed by the Sri Lankan Military” nonsense so beloved of the NGO types, citing a Channel 4 video of dubious authenticity and factuality, but as always, you lack any actual evidence. So your argument is that Sri Lankans have no right to complain that Hillary supported Tamil terrorists (which was at the time and still is banned as a terrorist organization over there) and took money from LTTE front groups like the “Global Tamil Forum,” because the Sri Lankan military’s struggle to win over terrorism may have led to the inadvertent deaths of some Tamil civilians as collateral damage, and also because the “evil” Sinhalese Buddhists denied that any civilians were killed deliberately, and then had the audacity to celebrated their war victory as is our just right.

You know, like how the Western world still celebrates their victory in the Second World War, 75 years after the fact? Please.

We defeated the South Asian Hitler and his army of brown Nazis — a ravenous band of ethnic cleansers, suicide bombers, and fetus killers (ripping fetuses out of Sinhalese women and killing them first before killing the mother) the lot of them — despite a myriad of obstacles, not the least of which was Hilary Clinton and Obama’s Administration in 2009. We have every right to celebrate that victory for at least 100 years, not just the measly 5 that we did because your yahapalanaya regime did their foreign masters’ bidding and suppressed our right to honor our war heroes and our right to celebrate our nation’s survival against yet another attempted Tamil annexation.

And, according to you, not only do Sri Lankans have no right to “point fingers” at Hillary, but we have to also move our fingers and mark a cross next to Hillary’s name or pull the lever for Hillary too. Really, this is what you call a rational argument?

Then you bring in “Appachchi” (a reference to war winning president Mahinda Rajapaksa, which means some thing like “Dad” or a casual way of saying “Father of the Nation”). I’m sorry you are still crying because even years after Mahinda left office, people didn’t do what you thought they would do. They didn’t question the war victory narrative, and didn’t start to believe what the NGOs were saying, and didn’t start shedding tears for the so-called “40,000” dead Tamil “civilians” as you thought they would have. People aren’t stupid. We know and remember how the families of Tamil suicide bombers prevented Tamil civilians from leaving the war zone, we remember how Tamil terrorists surrounded artillery guns with civilians while firing them, hoping that the military would not fire back, we remember how the Tamil civilians of the north gave moral, logistical, and financial support to the Tamil terrorists back when the LTTE was doing well, we remember how Sampanthan et al were like kittens purring on Prabhakaran’s lap those days, even though today he comes out talking about reconciliation.

After your team came to power, his true colors shine through, as he still threatens the majority with his chilling “Eelam buds blooming” speech. By the way, you and your ilk really have some nerve to praise that speech when it came immediately after the Rajapaksas made a stunning electoral comeback — because for you, the Sinhalese majority have no right to determine their own future, just as in the West, the white majority are being threatened, ridiculed and harangued by liberal extremists for similarly trying to preserve and enhance their nations. Are you, Sampanthan and the rest of your gang threatening a further terrorist insurrection, all because a vote you illegally postponed for three years didn’t go your way? I certainly hope that is not the case, for there are laws regarding such behavior.

Just as the liberals in the US said Trump supporters were stupid, you extend that meme to Sri Lanka too, saying that only a lack of intellectual capacity to see that Trump is a racist can explain Sri Lankans’ support for Trump. Forget about Sri Lankans for a moment. In America, the vast majority of American Hindus and Sikhs voted for Trump. They are the ones who will be directly affected by any racist policies Trump and his band of “white nationalists” like Bannon would implement, but they didn’t think that was anything worth worrying about. They, and the millions of Hispanics and gender minorities who also voted for Trump certainly didn’t think they would be “denied the rights of white men” under a Trump presidency. So why should Sri Lankans all the way over here feel threatened by Trump?

You are literally expressing the most mentally-colonized views I have ever seen, spreading the lie of Western liberals that only they – the white, rich, male, heterosexual elite – and their Marxist ideology can save the helpless poor, brown man, white woman and gender minority. And while you sit in this hypocritical bubble, you have the temerity to say that it is not you but free thinking Sri Lankans that have a “slave mindset” and that the only way to improve Sri Lanka is to teach our children that we Sri Lankans must do whatever that white liberal elite is doing in the West, even throwing in the recently invented –ism of “colorism,” which isn’t even a thing. For that is what you are saying, isn’t it?

Ah, but that isn’t all you are saying, is it? And so, after circling around your prey like a hyena, you now pounce for the kill – it is the “religion” that has brought these ills of Trump-affinity to Sri Lanka. Which religion is that? Buddhism, the religion of the majority here.

And just like that, you spend the next several pages of your article attacking and undermining everything about Sinhala Buddhist culture, just like the extremist missionaries did back in the colonial period. I will now address these issues in my usual analytical style, for I am tired of having to use your kind of cheap sarcasm any further.

I don’t think you need to continue reading from here.

Just before I let you go though, I just wanted you to know something. Through your present studies, you must be hoping that adding the title “Dr.” to your name in the near future will help you to persuade people to listen to you, as the unravelling of your campaign of lies about the Rajapaksa government, and your total hypocrisy since 2015, has disgusted and driven away everyone who fell for your lies in the past. You will fail.

Now that we’ve realized what her real motivation is, below I will discuss the tactics she is using to undermine the foundation of the country. First, it is worth reading everything she has written. If you are pressed for time, that’s fine, just click here to get to my analysis and discussion. I will try and explain what is really going on.

So here’s the rest of her article:

article3 - Copy

article4 - Copy

article5 - Copy

article6 - Copy

article7 - Copy

article8 - Copy

article9 - Copy

article10 - Copy

So, what exactly is going on here?

For the decent people who are reading this, I will summarize what Thisuri is actually doing.

Thisuri Wanniarachchi is just the newest manifestation of Western Marxist thinking that is attempting to insert itself into Sri Lanka. Its earlier version, in the form of the bloody Sinhala terrorist insurgency of the JVP in the 1970s-1980s, left a path of death and destruction that has made that Marxist movement toxic in the body politic. And so we have Thisuri. She is nothing less than a protégé of the failed Marxist Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka.

Rebranding Marxism by dishonestly talking about “equality” rather than “taking over the means of production” which is still the ultimate goal, Dr. Dayan hopes that “Dr.” Thisuri will be able to indoctrinate a whole new generation of Sri Lankans into his failed, dangerous ideology. Initially Thisuri positioned herself as a free-thinking liberal, and used Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha, our most eminent classical liberal, to get her foot in the door of the political scene. Later, she discarded him after the Sirisena regime took control of the country and gifted her some plum jobs in the government.

Now she is slowly but surely revealing herself to be something far worse than a harmless liberal. She is what is known in the West as a Social Justice Warrior (SJW).

While her writing is dense, built on lies, and premised on trying to “help,” it is suffused with and permeated by unrelenting attacks on the very structure and foundation of our civilization. It attacks our history, religion and culture. It ridicules our society. It mocks us as being backward and patriarchal. It speaks of a hierarchy of oppression and majority privilege. It says we are living, breathing examples of corrupted Buddhism, that what we are and how we practice our religion will lead us into the turmoils of religious war that has gripped the Middle East. It says Buddhism is personal only, and its place is at home, and nowhere else.

In the USA in particular, and in the west in general, over the last several decades, what has been happening is nothing less than a cultural revolution, whose scope and scale of destruction is no less and probably even more devastating than the cultural revolution which occurred in Mao’s China. Led by liberals, there has been a systematic attack on the Christian foundation of the western countries, where their religion has been successfully relegated to the backstage, and replaced by a totalitarian ideology called “progressivism” or “liberalism.”

While we in Sri Lanka may — perhaps justifiably — criticize Western policies regarding our country, or various other aspects of those societies, something far bigger is going on. Over the last few decades, under the guise of “equality,” every part of Western civilization has been attacked by far-left liberals.

Their search for “racial equality” means that past wrongs such as genocide of Native Americans or slavery are being used to demonize the Christian foundation of the West. The quest for “gender equality” has gone from first- and second-wave feminism, where women rightly demanded an equal vote and freedom to leave coercive or abusive relationships, to the third-wave feminism of today, where so-called feminists are instigating an openly anti-male campaign, and then going even further to claim that the very idea of gender and the gender role itself is an artificial construct, invented by men to suppress women. Adding to this, these extreme feminists have also invented something called “the patriarchy,” a secret society where men get together and devise all kinds of devious, secret, plans to keep women down.

According to these narratives, all the civilizations and nations that we humans have built are “hierarchies of oppression” designed by men to suppress women everywhere, and to suppress non-white, non-heterosexual and transgender people, and other minority populations in these societies. From this artificially constructed oppressive hierarchy comes the concept of White Privilege, a position of power and advantage in which white people in general, but particularly white men, are so enveloped, that they cannot possibly understand, or empathize with someone who is not white, not a man, or not gay. They are privileged such that they can never understand how privileged and artificially advantaged they are. If someone says, “but the data show that this is not true,” these social justice liberals respond that the data itself, the way of measuring the figures, and even “facts” themselves are invalid, because they all use methods and are framed within terms of reference that are knowingly or unknowingly biased in favor of the oppressive patriarchal hierarchy.

So, as there is so much “oppression” going in western nations, and as the men running them are irredeemable, the SJWs say that what is required is a restructuring of the entire state. The group then takes precedence over the individual. Self-appointed, unelected representatives of “marginalized” and “oppressed” communities decide what is good for those communities. Since much of western civilization is built on a Christian foundation, that aspect of their culture is removed and replaced with superstitions such as “climate change,” a religion in all but name, in which the good of the group — in this case all of humanity – supersedes the rights of the individuals. In contrast, those of us on the right whether Buddhist, Christian, or Jewish believe that every individual human being is special, and so individual rights, derived from each person having a unique spirit with priceless value, are more important than faceless “group” entitlements.

All of these depraved theories and objectives from the Marxists and the social justice warriors are antithetical to the very fabric and essence of Western society. Western people, white people, have done some bad things in the past, but so have every other race, in the past. Western societies may have faults, but it is to the west that everyone wants to go. It isn’t China that’s saying “build the wall” to stop illegal immigrants coming, it isn’t Saudi Arabia, or Iran, but America, a country built by devout Christians. Have you met white people? Have you spent time with them and interacted with them? Not the NGO types who need conflicts so that they can resolve them, who need malnourishment so they can be paid money to solve that, and who need homeless people to be housed by them.

Rather, I mean ordinary, normal, average white people. They are decent, kind people. They have corrected their mistakes of the past. Why should the descendants of slave owners be punished for a crime that their great, great grandparents committed but that their great grandparents corrected? Western people like to help the poor and the hungry. Western people, and humans in general, are for the most part good. If everyone was so inherently evil that they need an “equal” society to be created for them by “liberals” and “progressives,” we would have destroyed ourselves long ago, back when we were first emerging from the jungles. It is this inherent goodness and keenness to help others that socialists exploit, both in the west and in Sri Lanka — all the more so because of our Buddhist culture with a focus on compassion.

And what is the end result of these decades of assaults on Western history, culture, religion and tradition? Western societies have become weak societies where wanton acts of merciless killings, like school shootings are commonplace. Think about it, guns were far more easily available in the 1960s USA than they are today, and yet there were very few school shootings back then. The problem is not the gun itself, but the moral decrepitude of American society.

And that is where Trump comes in.

In the west, people who have been suffering for decades under the societal changes being created by liberal social justice warriors, have started to ignore the narrative and started to vote for people who don’t hate their country, who don’t hate their heritage, and who want to reward people based on merit and not simply to try and fill quotas. It should be the best man or woman for the job, not 25% women because the law says so. This is why Donald J. Trump won the election.

I keep referring to Marxism, because the basic underlying goal of Marxism is the destruction of all human societies, so that they can be recreated from the ashes into structures in which the Marxists themselves, who claim to be all about “equality” and “fairness” are actually the ones who run everything, and are actually the ones who control everything. They want to be more equal than everyone else, and that is what we are seeing already in Sri Lanka, with an internet ban “for the common good, to stop racism” being violated by our rulers Sirisena, Ranil, and their apparatchiks like Thisuri herself. In Marxist societies, some are more equal than others.

In Europe too, the same thing is happening. People are voting to leave the European Union, an artificial construct which no European citizen actually agreed to be a part of. The EU started off as a trading block, but in 1992 through what is known as the Maastricht treaty, it turned into a superstate.

Margaret Thatcher, for all her ills, was totally against this superstate, and was against Maastricht. This is where the famous “No, No, No!” speech comes from.

Helpfully for the globalists, she was soon deposed by her own party (kind of like how Mahinda was betrayed by Sirisena in 2015, I guess) and soon afterwards Britain joined Maastricht.

The model of the EU is literally Marxism in practice. Though there are “elections” in every member state, the European Union “parliament” is only a rubber stamp. It is the only parliament in human history which does not have the power to make laws. The laws come from the European Commission, which is a central executive committee made up of unelected men. When they create a new law, the EU parliament ratifies it, and then all the member states’ parliaments ratify it too. There’s also an EU “President” who is also not directly elected by European citizens.

The EU has been actively pursuing Marxist principles by deleting national borders, setting foreign policy and domestic policy, and even taking control of member states’ domestic budgets, as has happened in Greece. It has been weakening the bonds between the people and their nations, and has been sucking all power into the EU capital.

When the EU Commission decided to bring in hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants from Africa and the Middle East, in order to enhance “diversity” in the white-majority countries, and when some of those migrants ended up being terrorists and cannibals (yes, an 18 year old Italian girl was eaten and killed by one), that basically proved to be the last straw. In Poland, the elected government there has said they won’t take Middle Eastern migrants because of fears about the spread of terrorism and the incompatibility of cultures, so the unelected EU leaders have begun to impose sanctions on this member state starting with the removal of Poland’s voting rights at the EU institutions. This is their “democracy,” the democracy, freedom and human rights of the Marxist elite — it is not just undemocratic, but actively anti-democratic.

That is why Britain voted to leave the EU altogether in 2016, and why the majority of Italy’s voters, and an overwhelming proportion of Italy’s youth (something not reported in the mainstream media), voted en masse for anti-EU parties in March 2018.

As an aside, Italy’s first black senator was just voted in at this election. Guess which party he was from? The left wing party? The socialists? No. He was a candidate of the anti-EU La Leaga party, which has been demonized in the mainstream press as being nothing more than a band of racists.

italysenator - Copy
From The Guardian.

Similarly, in Austria and Germany anti-EU parties have done really well in recent elections. All of this is happening because Europeans are fed up of Marxist policies that are literally destroying their countries through uncontrolled immigration and an unending assault on their history and traditions.

So it is highly alarming to see now in Sri Lanka, the exact same tactics used against us. White privilege in the West is called Sinhala Privilege here. Attacks on the Christian tradition of the West have become attacks on Buddhism or Theravada Buddhism here. If you disagree with liberal policies in the West because they go against your beliefs or you think they are dangerous (such as mass uncontrolled immigration), then you are a racist, a bigot, and a moron to boot. Remember what Hillary said?

If the liberal Marxists say that one candidate is bad for women, and if women still support that candidate, then those women are subservient to men and need correcting. In the West, there should be no such thing as “gender roles” like females being “mothers” because that is an invention of Christian dogma and the artificial male hierarchy of oppression, which allegedly subjugates women and minorities.

Now Thisuri says that Sri Lanka society is the same. The majority here are not white, so we have “Sinhala Privilege.” We are not white, so we can’t be racist, so we are “colorist.” Sri Lankan Trump supporters or admirers are racists, bigots, and lacking intelligence. Apparently, Sri Lankan women who disagree with western liberals are only disagreeing because they have been trained since birth by this “evil patriarchal society” to be subservient to men, as per the “evil Buddhist teachings.” Thisuri says that in Sri Lanka, it is Buddhism that has been contaminated by power hungry kings and priests, to leave us with a distorted version of Buddhism that “has enforced gender roles…created stereotypes of masculinity and femininity…” and created a system of oppression against the minorities.

Look at the similarities. She has literally copied and pasted the social justice attack lines used in the west, and substituted a few words to make it apply to Sri Lanka. Look at how she demands that the exact same model of extremist liberalism be applied to Sri Lanka.

And what really takes the cake is Thisuri’s claim that if our society isn’t fixed, which is only possible by removing the connection and practice of Buddhism from stately matters — the very Buddhism which has in fact sustained our state and our civilization through all the challenges we have faced over the millennia — that we will become like the Middle East, fighting each other in wars.

This is really something. So Thisuri doesn’t think that the current problems in the Middle East have anything to do with “the wonder that was Obama” arming unvetted rebels in Syria and killing Gaddafi in Libya? And it was liberal organizations like the NYT that cheerled the war in Iraq too. And do I need to remind everyone that Thisuri’s great idol Crooked Hillary, as a US Senator in 2003, voted to authorize the bombing and invasion of Iraq? She doesn’t think these liberal crimes have anything to do with the violence now scarring those lands? It should also be pointed out that at least the Iraq War was legally authorized by votes in the US Congress, while Obama and Hillary just used Executive Orders to do their wars.

We have been practicing our version of Buddhism for millennia and have had peaceful societies for most of that time. Even relations with the local Muslim minority have been exemplary, prior to the arrival of the imperialists. Similarly, in other Buddhist countries like Thailand or Vietnam, or Myanmar, there have been very few actual internal wars or bloodshed. Yes there is a problem in Myanmar now, but that has been the exception to the rule.

Look at other countries with Buddhist heritage, like Japan, South Korea and China. Those countries are also peaceful and prosperous. After WW2, the only time Buddhist China became violent, hungry, and poor was during the rise of the Marxists, in the form of Maoists, and their cultural revolution. Similarly in Cambodia, another Buddhist country, there was famine and millions were killed when the French-trained Marxists of PolPot took control and tried to implement their socialism there.

Behind Thisuri sits without a doubt Dayan Jayatilleka. He is old and his ramblings about Marxism don’t resonate with the new generation. Dayan’s style of writing and argument, laced with quotes from mass-murderers like Mao and Lenin, and taking inspiration from the architects of socialist dictatorship such as Gramsci and Marx, do not have much of an impact on Sri Lankan society any more. But in Thisuri he has found a new way to spread his failed ideology. Charged with new ideas from the western liberal social justice movement, she is spreading pernicious lies in an attempt to bring the despair that western nations are going through to our own country.

Remember, our civilization, language, and culture have endured for generations with Buddhism at its core. We are who we are today because of Buddhism, just as the Europeans and Americans are as they are because of Christianity. It has been the monks who have led us whenever we have been threatened, and to this day they are the ones who we rely on as a counterbalance to the upheavals brought by the present globalist-backed regime of Facebook-blockers led by the current president. Buddhism lives and breathes in each one of us, and it is impossible to extricate or expunge it from our society, as Thisuri, Dayan, and Mangala, want to do, without bringing a calamity to our nation.

See how these three are using the same language and justification as the western social justice warriors to try and destroy our nation from the inside, as Marxists always do, all because they want to build a new society in their own image, where they are the rulers, and where they are above the laws. Just think of North Korea, another Marxist state – the leader is fat while the people are starving; or Venezuela – where Marxism has destroyed the lives of everyone in a country that sits on top of some of the biggest oil reserves in the world. This is what Thisuri and Dayan want for Sri Lanka, because socialism always ends up causing suffering and death to the citizens of every country that has tried it.

The similarities between the institutions and structures that are being attacked in the west and in Sri Lanka, and in the language, form of words, and justification used for that attack, shows that the election in 2015 was more than just about Ranil’s greed for power. There is a bigger game at play here — to spread the globalist agenda and bring destructive far-left liberalism to Sri Lanka.

Don’t let social justice warriors bring their liberalism and Marxism to this country. We’ve suffered enough.

2 thoughts on “Brown People Have White Privilege? Yes, the SJWs have come to Sri Lanka

  1. Thank you for this blog, and through your recent blogs here for showing us who really are these ‘elite’ writers/ moderates/ liberal thinkers/bloggers/tweeters in #SriLanka who had been exposing to the world what villains, what crooked, corrupt rulers, what thieves Rajapasksas were throughout previous Govt. period and beyond, (sometimes even braving the horrifying possibility of a ‘white van’ coming straight for them!), and who thoroughly helped to develop and strengthen their reader’s mind against Rajapaksas so to make it easy for the country to send Rajapaksa home in 2015 (even forgetting the vast contribution he made to give us a war-free country), and bring in this fabulous Yahapalanaya! The heroic lot did all that without showing any verifiable fact or data, but got their readers (and funders) cheering the #antiSinahala #antiBuddhist sentiments…. Thanks @wayforwardnow for letting us finally have the privilege to get to know who this bunch is!

    Loved to see you write that “Our hearts are not for sale”


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Please share these articles on social media. We have to clear up the fakenews being spread about what is going in the USA and in Sri Lanka.


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