Dissolve Parliament!

The aim of the local and foreign anti-Mahinda brigade is not just to save Ranil, but to press ahead with their plan for colonization by India. The only way to solve Sri Lanka’s present problems is a general election. Most may think this is just a power struggle between the incompetent Ranil and the patriotic Mahinda, but what is at stake is nothing less than Sri Lanka’s future as an independent and sovereign nation.

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Over the past few days, the strategic defeat which the Sirisena-Ranil government suffered in February 2018 has finally reached its natural conclusion: an unconditional surrender from Sirisena. Knowing that public opinion was strongly against Ranil and his failed government of buffoons and thieves, Sirisena sought a way to restore Mahinda to power.

In an adroit move, he and his legal advisors used the wording of Article 46(2) of the 19th Amendment to remove Ranil from office. This section states that the prime minister continues to hold office while the “Cabinet of Ministers continues to function,” so they reasoned that the withdrawal of the UPFA from the “National Government” means that the “Cabinet of Ministers” has ceased to function, and therefore the role of the prime minister also became vacant.

This argument is persuasive enough that the good thinking public can be convinced to support the transfer of power which they have long sought, but which has been long denied to them by Ranil and his co-conspirators through the continual postponement of local and provincial elections.

The final political settlement is yet to be decided, but it is worth looking at the reaction from both the local and international anti-national forces to the events that have taken place.

Ranil’s local backers include his own corrupt MPs, his close chums, UNP voters, and the ever present broken-English speakers of Colombo 7 and the greater Colombo area. The international backers are mostly “aid” groups who stand to gain financially and politically through the continuation and entrenchment of disharmony, division and impoverishment throughout the country.

Their campaign of slander against Mahinda and Sirisena (one who they praised to high heavens not long ago) take the form of condemnation against: i) alleged unconstitutionality of Ranil’s ouster and Mahinda’s appointment; ii) the prorogation of parliament; iii) the possibility of violence; iv) remilitarization of the North and East; v) corruption and nepotism; and vi) damage to democracy.

The responses to the above charges have been addressed by many others, but are worth a brief recap.

First, Ranil’s removal and replacement by Mahinda is exactly the same process that first brought Ranil to power in 2015 as prime minister despite having only 41 MPs while Mahinda had a 2/3 majority in the House. These people who whine now about “an unconstitutional transition of power,” and who chant “coup, coup, coup,” were silent then. Second, the prorogation was only 11 days of delay and much longer periods have been used in the past without any questions or concerns.

Third, violence has happened but it has been instigated by Ranil or his various cronies. When the Rupavahini staff realised that their hated ministerial overlords Rajitha, Chathura, and Mangala were attempting to take over the TV station and release an emergency broadcast claiming there was a “coup,” the staffers chased those three away. Hardly a collapse of the free press! And the other noted incident involved ousted minister Arjuna’s bodyguard shooting dead unarmed protesters as he tried to enter his former ministry illegally. The meddling class make it sound like Mahinda’s return to power was the cause of both of these events, but earlier this year when Mahinda was out of power and he and his family were being dragged through the courts, these same people said the anti-Muslim riots were also due to Mahinda. Odd logic.

They are now salivating over the prospect of civil war, as they hope supporters of Ranil and Mahinda will come onto the streets and fight each other in bloody battles. When the masses didn’t come out to protest against the mistreatment of war heroes and the arrest of Gotabhaya, do you think they would come out to the streets to “save” Ranil? Please.

The NGOers also used Photoshopped images to say that Ranil’s rally on Oct 31 was a huge success, though when Mahinda literally packed Galle Face Green with a million supporters, the foreign NGO gang insinuated that those people had come for free lunch packets and booze. Right, because the poor villager doesn’t care when traitors were running his country, and instead spend their own money and time to claim a Rs 100 meal. Let’s see what the NGOs have to say when Mahinda’ supporters come to Colombo on November 5.

Fourth, the North and East regions have become lawless and started to slowly drift away from the nation as terrorist remnants and their supporters have begun terrorist activity again, including commemoration ceremonies for the Tamil terrorist group that turned Sri Lanka into a bloody mess for 30 years. The military were suffering attacks at the hands of gangs of radicalized Tamil youth, but were ordered to remain in their camps and shut up. Providing security and stability for all parts of the country is the duty of any government, and if that entails remilitarization in Sri Lanka, so be it.

Fifth, those who are accusing the Rajapaksa family of nepotism and corruption in the past, which after three years of relentless persecution has still not revealed even one scrap of evidence, are now warning about the possibility of future corruption. But for the past 3 years, while the central bank was robbed twice, while Ranil, his MPs, ministers and other hangers-on stripped the country bare and sold off every asset and resource and pocketed huge amounts, these same do-gooders were completely silent.

As more and more MPs cross over to the Rajapaksa cabinet, a new campaign of lies has begun. Whereas before they claimed Namal had a golden horse and Lamborghinis, today they claim that MPs are crossing over for bribes of Rs 250-500 million each. Yet when so many MPs were crossing over the other way in mid-2015, especially after the bond scam saw billions of rupees disappearing from state coffers just a few months prior to the election, these crusaders for democracy didn’t make a single squeak of protest.

Sixth, these same people are also shrieking about the possibility of democracy becoming weakened in Sri Lanka, all because of the transition of power. They were completely silent when local elections were delayed for years, and then after the resounding success of the SLPP, they continued to remain silent while Ranil delayed the provincial polls for over 3 years.

Back in 2015 and now in 2018, they professed that they attack and vilify Rajapaksa (and now Sirisena) not to help Ranil, but to save Sri Lanka. It is clear to anyone that this is a blatant, bald-faced lie. Ranil is their man, who will do their bidding, and who will cut the country up, sell it piece by piece, and destabilize it so that India, the favoured puppet country of the NGOs, can swoop in and take over completely, finally fulfilling Nehru’s great desire of absorbing Sri Lanka into the Indian Union.

The local and international anti-national groups’ selective and hypocritical democracy-crusading today, which fell silent from 2015-2018 while their man Ranil was in power, is reminiscent of the reactions to events from 1976-2009, too. Whenever a suicide bomb was set off by the Tamil terrorists’ female death squad, killing dozens of innocent civilians, all these rights groups were silent, or at most called for “dialogue” between the “two sides” (as if terrorists were equal to a sovereign state!). But whenever there was military action which killed terrorists or their various commanders, or whenever a strategic position was liberated by the armed forces, those same groups condemned the “violence” and showed great concern about “loss of life and deprivation of human rights” of the terrorists and their terrorist family members.

Just as in the final war period from January – August 2009, these crooks, schemers, and plotters have been caught off-balance by the events of 26 October 2018. They have cobbled together “Operation Saving Squatter Ranil.” It is kind of funny to see the descendants of nations who built great empires and conquered the world, today scurrying about like cockroaches, scrambling to prop up their cardboard hero Wickremasinghe.

The plan of all these anti-national groups is the reconvening of parliament so that a no-confidence motion can be tabled and voted on against Mahinda Rajapaksa. On every TV interview, in every article written, and every social media posting, both the broken-English speakers and the foreign NGO people harp on, and on, and on, about reconvening parliament. But not once have they even mentioned the citizens of Sri Lanka or what the people at large have to say. Not once have they admitted that the best solution in such a crisis is to go to the people through a general election.

Of course they won’t.

They are the ones who would have encouraged Ranil to delay the local and provincial polls, knowing how unpopular he is.

This is the nature of the “democracy” that Ranil’s supporters and their international backers want: a democracy that goes one way only, away from development and independence and prosperity, instead always towards more division, deprivation, and poverty, culminating in domination and colonization by India, a country world-famous for open-defecation.

Stand up, demand a general election, and save this country by voting for Mahinda!

Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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