We need to talk about Sri Lanka’s corrupt judiciary

Sri Lanka’s judges and the Colombo 7 low-caste are chief among the forces who are pulling us backwards.

The post October 26 events unmasked many of the actors who are interfering in Sri Lanka’s national development. Mahinda Rajapaksa and the patriotic forces he leads must understand the extent to which they have infiltrated the Sri Lankan state.

These traitors are forces of backwardness, who want to keep Sri Lanka poor, dirty, and under the constant control of foreign countries and entities such that they can rob the divided country for all its natural resources, cultural treasures, and priceless artifacts. These Backward Forces comprise several elements. These include but are not limited to: the squatters of Colombo 7, the local NGO groups, the ethno-nationalist Tamil terrorists, and the judiciary.

Here we will discuss two of these groups.

Broadly speaking, the dwellers of cities built by foreigners like Colombo (especially Colombo 7) and Galle, are not true Sri Lankans. They are at ease more with discussing sexuality than heritage, more concerned with having “bus lanes” than real infrastructure, and are obsessed with whatever the latest Western fad is rather than cherishing the uniqueness of the country they live in. They wish to ape those who ruled over them in the past as morally superior, despite those same people being the originators of the slave trade, genocide, brutal colonization, and world wars.

Their loyalty lies with the far off white nations, and their consistent backing of Ranil Wickremesinghe for the past 25 years, who is for all intents and purposes the colonialists’ present-day Viceroy, proves this. These Colombo 7 people are so loyal to westerners because before the arrival of the foreigners, their ancestors were mostly low caste people who had no hope of rising up in the Buddhist-nationalist state that existed on the island. Just as the rich cowards of France set up the Vichy government to collaborate with Nazi Germany, these Colombo 7 people similarly support the Vichy government of Ranil.

Through conversion to Christianity, the low-caste ancestors of the Colombo 7 class gained names, like “Fernando” and “de Silva” and “Harrison” (it was common throughout Asia for low caste people to not have actual names), and gained the ability to rise up in the new society created by the westerners. Low caste people who could not even dream of being anything more than servants or menial laborers were suddenly able to own land, probably stolen from Buddhist monasteries or Sinhalese Royal estates, and to even enter government as civil servants.

So when the patriotic forces of Sinhala Buddhists gained a political consciousness through the brave actions of SWRD Bandaranaike, the lavish lifestyle of this group of low caste “Fernandos” came under threat. Rajapakse, through his family connection to Christianity, may have thought that he could win them over, but as the 2015 presidential and general elections, and the 2018 local government election results showed, there is no way that these people will drop support for Ranil the designated favorite of the foreign colonialists.

These people are a small minority of the population, but they are able to project a much larger voice over the internet and into the political sphere, because they have an abundance of the most important commodity: time.

Their colonial-era land grants provide them a large passive income, and they may also now have some businesses or enterprises which basically run on auto-pilot. They are therefore free to spend their time camping day and night on the streets demanding a “return of Ranil to power,” with the oxymoronic “we want democracy, stop the general election!” chief among their demands. They could also take part in the protest style of the “1%,” namely vehicle parades in Mercedes Benzes along Galle Face. This is all because they are Sri Lanka’s idle rich. And Mahinda’s attempts to woo them rather than put them in their place between 2010-2015 is a major reason why he lost power in 2015 and also why he was unable to stabilize his minority government in 2018.

But even more dangerous to national security than these low caste traitors are the judges. While the Supreme Court decision about the dissolution of parliament was pretty obvious given the 19 Amendment’s written text, the lower court’s decision to suspend the cabinet of ministers and prime minister appointed by the president pending further hearings was tantamount to high treason.

That court literally shut down the government of the country, to cheers from the low-caste Colombo 7 clowns and the NGO goons. If the same rotten judges had been in office during the war, they could have done the same thing in the final stages of the war and saved the Tamil terrorists. And of course the same Colombo 7 people would probably have cheered then too. As an aside, just as the Tamil terrorists stopped blowing up UNP leaders once Ranil took over, did the Tamil terrorists ever bomb Colombo 7? Interesting.

The more appropriate action for the Appeals court would have been to defer to the Supreme Court to pronounce on whether Mahinda could continue with a minority government or not. Allowing Mahinda’s appeal to go ahead but only in late January while preventing him from holding office until then was a brazen act where the unelected judges over-ruled the elected president and the elected MPs of the cabinet.

What this shows is the total corruption of the entirety of Sri Lanka’s judiciary. They have clearly shown their allegiance lies not with the people of the country, but with outside forces who are able to provide their children and grandchildren with scholarships to elite Western schools and access to Western Universities and international NGOs for future employment.

As we know, other cases which benefit Ranil, such as the altering of the National List after the polls closed in 2015, the Central Bank bond scam, the contempt of court by UNP MPs, have all been thrown out by the courts. Similarly, Ranil’s own quo-warranto case has not been heard either. All this shows that the judiciary has clearly been coopted by outside forces. Mahinda and his SLPP can never give these people what they want, which is a western life for their children, because Mahinda defeated the terrorist pets of the colonial forces. In return for these perks and bribes, the judges have to do just one thing: prevent Mahinda or Gotabhaya from ever holding any power for as long as they are alive. Rajapaksa should have expected the judges would never be fair to him.

The suspension of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s minority government set a dangerous precedent. In the future too, the flimsiest of pretexts could be used by the forces representing backwardness to disrupt and derail any patriotic government or politician that comes to power.

It is high time that Sirisena appoints a commission of inquiry into the judiciary, where all their assets and connections are exposed and anyone who is personally or through family gaining from foreign payments in any form should be stripped of their positions. Just as MPs cannot be citizens of foreign countries, it is only proper and just that those who adjudicate on all legal matters also are not tainted by split loyalties.

It is time to clean up the courts.


N.B. Any Sri Lankan’s personal religion does not matter, but they must be patriotic to the Sinhalese Buddhist origin of the country.

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