About Us

It’s time to add a new voice to the echo-chamber cacophony of the Sri Lankan blogosphere. It’s time we exposed the lies, hypocrisy and true motives of those who try to transform Sri Lanka into something it has never been and never should become.

The authors do not receive payment from anyone, and are not connected in any way to any Sri Lankan politician or political group. We do not need money to do our patriotic duty. Our hearts are not for sale.

The Way Ahead for Sri Lanka is not pro-Mahinda or pro-SLPP. This blog does not engage in cheap-political cheer-leading. This blog stands for Sri Lanka, a unitary Sri Lanka, a sovereign Sri Lanka, and for real good governance, development, and security. Above all, it stands for a peaceful Sri Lanka.

At this present juncture in Sri Lanka’s history all these noble hopes for the country are in peril. In peril from the demons Ranil and Sirisena, who have infected Sri Lanka with their neo-colonial sickness.

This blog is pro-Sri Lanka and anti-treachery, and therefore, at this time, it is anti-Ranil and anti-Sirisena.

This blog is for a just and peaceful Sri Lanka where all citizens of all ethnicities can live in harmony. It is childish for serious people who want a developed Sri Lanka to be on any politician’s “side.”

What this blog stands for is bigger than one man or one party.

Come here for an alternative view and rational discussion.

Please share any of these articles with your friends, and leave a comment with your own thoughts!

You can follow us on twitter @wayforwardnow, and at minds.com/wayforward.

Important Note: No uncredited reproduction of any original writings, articles, posts, images, videos, text or other content is permitted. Please credit “wayforwardnow” and give attribution to this blog and the direct link to the article. All content is copyright by the author of this blog, or their respective creators in the case of content that has been linked to.

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