Beware Sri Lankan “Moderates” Bearing Good Governance

How those preaching good governance are just shills for a foreign extreme-left neocolonial agenda.

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Sri Lanka’s wannabe John Oliver, only a lot less funny. Also, he’s a “moderate.” From here.

Let me start by asking you some very moderate, reasonable questions.

Isn’t rule of law good? Isn’t corruption bad? Isn’t ethnic harmony good? Isn’t racism bad? Isn’t trade good? Isn’t economic stagnation bad? Isn’t it better to have foreign allies? Isn’t it bad to be isolated? Isn’t development good? Isn’t debt bad?

Isn’t a fresh young leader good? Isn’t an old stale leader bad? Isn’t media freedom good? Isn’t censorship bad? Isn’t a small cabinet good? Isn’t a jumbo cabinet bad? Isn’t animal welfare good? Isn’t elephant abuse bad? Isn’t investigation of crimes good? Isn’t covering up crimes bad? Isn’t democracy good? Isn’t dictatorship bad?

Those who ask these questions seem very reasonable. Of course, all those things they list as being good, are good. And all those things they say are bad, are bad. What sensible citizen would want racism, or want to be sanctioned by foreign countries, or want criminals to go unpunished?

But when Sri Lankan “moderates” ask these reasonable questions, what they are really asking is this: Isn’t Ranil good? Isn’t Mahinda bad?

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Tragedy in Kandy — so many coincidences

Evolving story. Please read in conjunction with earlier political FakeNews attacks here and here. More bad actors exposed here.

Trying to piece together what the hell just happened in Kandy.

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And a chilling announcement exactly one week prior by Rajitha, one of the first coup plotters of 2015:

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#FakeNews Strikes Again

Please also see latest updates here.

It is extremely sad to see the country heading into a disaster yet again under the NGO-backed Ranil and Sirisena regime.

Following on from the earlier #FakeNews attack on Sri Lanka last month, the NGOs are back at it again now.

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The shady NGOs have reactivated their plan from February 11th 2018, and are yet again trying to interfere with Sri Lankan politics and the Sri Lankan democratic process by connecting Mahinda Rajapaksa and the SLPP with the present failure of law and order in their puppet regime of Ranil and Sirisena.

They are deliberately exploiting the unrest in the country to further their political agenda of preventing the patriotic, development-oriented Mahinda and his SLPP party from returning to power.

They are acting in total desperation since Mahinda’s victory in the Local Government election, and are now clutching at straws trying to prevent his return to power.

They are trying to delay the no confidence vote, prolong their illegitimate government, and possibly postpone the upcoming presidential and general elections.

I have compiled a few more of their suspiciously coordinated tweets here:

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Beware of this!

Fight against #FakeNews and #බොරුපුවත්.

Call for a new General Election NOW!

Kirulapone Aftermath – Part 1

The huge crowd at Kirulapone for the Joint Opposition May Day rally was easily the biggest gathering on the day. Even more significant was that the tremendous JointOp crowd gathered despite the Pambaya pulling out all the stops to try and derail the rally. The JointOp was victorious against various regime threats, intimidation, sackings of Mahinda loyalist party organizers, police obstructions, and a complete lack of any state resources.

The official SLFP rally, purposefully held in far away Galle to prevent SLFP members attending Kirulapone, was a disaster. The tiny crowd didn’t even fill half the ground. Anticipating such a failure, the Pambaya had moved the stage forward, to be close to the entrance. And they had provided seats for everyone, which would take up even more space. There are rumors that the regime even forced the Navy to provide food and drinks to all participants. But this was all to no avail, as even the small space they artificially created at the Samanala grounds wasn’t filled. And let’s not forget the torrential downpour that literally poured cold water on the anemic event. If this was meant to be Pambaya’s relaunch, it looked more like his retirement party.

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Who really won on January 8?

Some of Maithripala Sirisena’s recent words and deeds have been so disturbing and so fundamentally anti-Sri Lankan that questions need to be raised about what exactly his motives are, and who exactly he is working for. Initially everyone thought his modus operandi was obsequiously sucking up to Ranil. But it looks like it is even worse than that.

Recently, Sirisena has done several things which need to be analysed.

First, he decided to change the Victory Day celebrations of May 19 to a “Remembrance” event. This beggars belief.

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Desperate and scared, Ranil and his pambaya go for the nuclear option

The imminent arrest of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, our war-winning defence secretary, highlights how weak the unelected prime minister Ranil is. The anti-national coalition which came together to win on Jan 8 — on the back of dispicable lies, as it turned out — expected to have cemented their grip on power by now. Instead the whole house of cards has come crashing down, as the foundation of lies on which it stood crumbles under the weight of truth and patriotism.

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Environmentalism under “good governance”

During and after the presidential election campaign, we heard a lot of noise from the unelected, illegally-appointed prime minister, his obsequious followers on twitter, and all the anti-national media, about the Colombo Port City.

“Environmental damage” was the main complaint, which in this case overtook the staple allegation of corruption that was usually used to denigrate every other Rajapaksa development project.

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The storm has passed

Thanks to the hard work of Dinesh, Wimal, Vasudeva, GL, and a few others behind the scenes, it looks like Sri Lanka’s representative democratic system survived the onslaught of the storm of tyranny that was the 19th Amendment, a monstrosity created by the unelected de facto prime minister Ranil.

The final heavily-modified bill was passed with an overwhelming majority on Apr 28, 2015.

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