An Open Response to Thisuri’s 2015 Rant

The fall of a lying Yahapalana Harpie: An Open Response to Thisuri’s Rant on her deleted blog: “An Open Response to Namal’s Rant on the Colombo Telegraph “Vengeful Politics and Rugby: Phone Calls to My Brothers””

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I’m so sorry that the regime you helped bring to power is struggling a lot these days.

Imagine my utter disgust to see, immediately after a humiliating rout at the local government election, just when a no-confidence motion was about to be presented against your boss Ranil, which would have brought down his entire illegitimate regime and your monstrous yahapalanaya, a massive, deadly race riot began, with eerie similarities to the 1983 riots – which also happened the last time the UNP were in charge.

I remember you liked to write sarcastic letters when you want to make political points, so I thought I would try and reach you through your preferred medium. I have to warn you though, I’m not so good at two-faced spleen venting, so it won’t be as undignified as the effluent you put out.

I was reflecting on the people who were around online back in 2015, and thought of finding your blog again to reminisce about those days. What a journey we’ve had since then!

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Sri Lankan Hate Exposed

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Over the past 8 years, some people have been spreading vitriolic anti-Buddhist and anti-Sinhala messages on social media in a well-organized, systematic campaign to tarnish Sri Lanka. Below is the kind of stuff they write to spread Buddhismphobia and stir racial tensions in the country.

By constantly vilifying and attacking the Sinhala Buddhist civiliazation of Sri Lanka, they are sowing fear in the minds of the minorities and trying to cause Sinhalese themselves to question their history, culture and traditions.

All of this is an attempt to fracture the nation along inter-ethnic lines and cause division within the Sinhala population itself. By doing this, they hope to break down society and then call in foreign help to recreate Sri Lanka based on extreme-left Marxist ideals in which the majority are constitutionally suppressed, and so that the whole country functions as a foreign-controlled dominion.

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Here is a response I received almost instantaneously.

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There’s much more below.

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Has Mahinda Just Thrown his Key Supporters to the Wolves?

Mahinda was rescued from certain doom by a motley crew of brave souls who rallied around him in his moment of need. And they won, against all the obstacles. Now Mahinda has betrayed Wimal, Udaya, Dinesh, Vasu, D.E.W. Gunasekara, Rajiva, Tissa Vitharana, G.L. Pieris, Dayan Jayatilake, Sarath Silva, Tissa Attanayake and everyone else who helped him.

The murmurings coming from Colombo are not good. The first sign that things were taking a dangerous turn was Mahinda, Ranil and Sirisena’s strangely affectionate handshaking session during Ranil’s inauguration on August 21. Then came Namal Rajapaksa’s tweet of August 23. He “thanked” the “SLFP Central Committee” for allowing him and others to sit on the opposition benches of Parliament, despite the SLFP officially joining the “National Government.”

Now this is a complete joke. Firstly the current SLFP Central Committee (CC) is an illegal, unelected gathering of political rejects like SB Dissanayake and Nandimithra, and political has-beens like Chandrika, all of whom were unilaterally and unconstitutionally appointed by Sirisena while an injunction he himself had put in place prevented the convention of the real SLFP central committee. That Namal recognizes — going so far as to “thank” them! — the “new” Sirisena-CC shows that something is going on which none of the people who voted for the UPFA at the August election will like. Continue reading “Has Mahinda Just Thrown his Key Supporters to the Wolves?”

Ranil’s Scary New Obsession With Villages

The “pokuru gammana” (පොකුරු ගමිමාන) initiative does not bode well for innocent villagers.

Sri Lanka’s great strength is its thousands of villages scattered across the island. It is from this simple life that some of our greatest heroes and leaders have emerged. And it is the Sri Lankan village – with its paddy fields, reservoirs, and temples – that forms the basic foundation of the Sinhalese Buddhist civilization, and which allowed this civilization to flourish over three millennia.

The village economy. From Financial Times, Sri Lanka.

The majority of our people live in villages. The majority of our soldiers come from villages. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s strongest support comes from the villages. And let us not forget that it was the villages that suffered the brunt of the terrorist crimes committed by the foreign-backed Tamil terrorist war machine.

Mahinda helped the villages throughout his tenure as president. He ensured decent prices for village produce, began an unprecedented programme of electricity, clean water, and telecommunications provision, improved transport links and access to education facilities.

Villagers therefore recognized Mahinda as the one politician of recent times who was truly on their side. It is for this reason that even at the time of his lowest popularity, at the January 8 election, Mahinda won virtually every single Sinhalese-majority district.

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Who really won on January 8?

Some of Maithripala Sirisena’s recent words and deeds have been so disturbing and so fundamentally anti-Sri Lankan that questions need to be raised about what exactly his motives are, and who exactly he is working for. Initially everyone thought his modus operandi was obsequiously sucking up to Ranil. But it looks like it is even worse than that.

Recently, Sirisena has done several things which need to be analysed.

First, he decided to change the Victory Day celebrations of May 19 to a “Remembrance” event. This beggars belief.

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