Hate Speech

After recent events in Sri Lanka, there is a lot of discussion about “hate speech” in the country and on online platforms.

There has been an organized campaign since the Kandy Riots to blame the entire Sinhalese Buddhist culture for the bad actions of a few thugs.

It is important for us all to be awake and alert to the way they exploit the recent events for their own political gain.

Their plan is to use the events of March 2018, along with the problems with Tamil terrorism earlier, to attack the Sinhala Buddhist state that is Sri Lanka.

They have started to use the language, tactics, and lies of the “social justice warrior” movement from the Western countries (USA, Canada, and Europe) to try and convince ordinary Sri Lankans that the problem is Buddhism and Sinhala Buddhism, and that the only way to prevent racism is to change Sri Lanka into a secular state — a state in which minority extremists such as Sinhalese Christians, Tamil extremists, and other minority groups will have power over the Sinhalese Buddhist majority.

In short, what they want is a return to the 1948-1956 period, when these minority groups dominated and suppressed the Sinhalese Buddhist and Tamil Hindu populations.

I will summarize here the language that you will come across and why you should beware of them.

1. Sinhala Privilege

This is a direct copy of the term “white privilege” that you will hear about in the west.

What it claims is that the Sinhalese Buddhists have unfair advantages in Sri Lanka.

Further, it alleges that the Sinhalese are so, so, advantaged, that they don’t even realize that they have these advantages, and also that these so-called advantages mean that the Sinhalese automatically oppress the minorities.

poya - Copy

youdontrealize - Copy

The exact same language is used in the west, but over there to accuse the White majority of using “white privilege” to oppress the minority groups in those countries. The origin of this “privilege” term is actually from socialist ideology.

It is being used in the west to try and break down those countries to then recreate them as a Marxist nation like North Korea. In Sri Lanka, minority extremists, like Sinhala Christian chauvinists, are trying to use the language of western Marxists to break down the Sinhalese and then rule over the Sinhalese, as they did in the past.

This “Sinhala Privilege” is a deliberate lie.

Firstly, there are no unfair advantages for Sinhalese in Sri Lanka today. There used to be unfair advantages for minority extremist groups before the liberation movement led by SWRD Bandaranaike in 1956.

But today, those who complain about “Sinhala privilege” are really only complaining about their own lost privileges and unfair advantages that started in the British Imperial era (as part of divide and rule) and then continued on into the Dominion era after 1948.

The western countries were built by white people and naturally their societies reflect the culture and traditions of the Christian whites who built them. Similarly in Sri Lanka, the state was built as a civilization by Sinhalese Buddhists who were the first settlers on the island. Naturally here too, the state rightly reflects that fact.

Celebration of Poya, the long Sinhala New Year holiday, Vesak, and the reflection of Buddhist culture in other ways is normal, justified, and correct.

To those who complain and want Sri Lanka to be a secular state, I would ask them to name one country that they would want to live in which is a secular state.

No matter where you look, Sri Lanka, France, or Japan, countries that have developed organically can never be secular. The closest state to being totally secular is Singapore, but that is an artificially constructed entity, and is still heavily dominated by the Chinese culture, work ethic, and traditions of the Chinese majority there.

Don’t fall for the lies of these Sri Lankan “social justice warriors.” Remember, those like the two Twitter users above, are the very same kind of people who lied to us about Mahinda’s “stolen billions” and Namal’s “Lamborghinis.”

2. Sinhala-Muslim riot Vs. Buddhist-Muslim riot

In 1915 there was a riot between the Sinhalese and Muslims of Kandy, which spread to a country-wide race riot.

This began when Muslim extremists tried to stop the Perahera.

The British put down the riot by executing on mass thousands of Sinhalese protestors. However the term used by the British was accurate – the riot was between Sinhalese (which included both Buddhists and non-Buddhists) and Muslims.

In 2018, the much smaller-scale riots have been rebranded as “Buddhist-Muslim” riots, automatically laying the blame on the whole majority when in fact we don’t know the identities of the attackers. Some of them claim to be Buddhist, but really they could equally have been non-religious thugs, Christians, and even some Tamils too.

Again, a deliberate ploy to attack the Sinhalese Buddhists.

3. Using “anti-racism” to spread racism against Sinhalese Buddhists

Below, is another inflammatory message spread online, attempting to blame all Sinhalese Buddhists for the actions of a few thugs:

racismflag - Copy

In this, there is also a subtle attack on our flag as well. The Christian, Tamil, and other extremist groups have been trying to remove the Lion and the Bo leaves from the flag for a very long time.

Even the mighty British Empire weren’t able to delete this, one of the oldest continuously used civilizational flags in human history, and now Sirisena and his online groupies think they can do it.

More to follow.