So this is what they voted for: While Mahinda spoke about expressways and skyscrapers, Maithripala talks about bras

So it turns out that people voted not for a new politics but for the same old politics — as long as it was carried out by new faces. Most of the faces now at the top of Sri Lanka’s political pyramid aren’t really new at all though. They are in fact the faces of characters we have known for ten, twenty, thirty, forty and even more years. They are the same faces, just older, more saggy, more sclerotic and balder than when they first appeared.

And when the country’s once booming economy and rapid development was handed over to these old, old, old, stuck-in-the-past characters with ulterior motives, anyone could predict accurately the state of affairs we would see at the end of this tumultuous year.

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Has Mahinda Just Thrown his Key Supporters to the Wolves?

Mahinda was rescued from certain doom by a motley crew of brave souls who rallied around him in his moment of need. And they won, against all the obstacles. Now Mahinda has betrayed Wimal, Udaya, Dinesh, Vasu, D.E.W. Gunasekara, Rajiva, Tissa Vitharana, G.L. Pieris, Dayan Jayatilake, Sarath Silva, Tissa Attanayake and everyone else who helped him.

The murmurings coming from Colombo are not good. The first sign that things were taking a dangerous turn was Mahinda, Ranil and Sirisena’s strangely affectionate handshaking session during Ranil’s inauguration on August 21. Then came Namal Rajapaksa’s tweet of August 23. He “thanked” the “SLFP Central Committee” for allowing him and others to sit on the opposition benches of Parliament, despite the SLFP officially joining the “National Government.”

Now this is a complete joke. Firstly the current SLFP Central Committee (CC) is an illegal, unelected gathering of political rejects like SB Dissanayake and Nandimithra, and political has-beens like Chandrika, all of whom were unilaterally and unconstitutionally appointed by Sirisena while an injunction he himself had put in place prevented the convention of the real SLFP central committee. That Namal recognizes — going so far as to “thank” them! — the “new” Sirisena-CC shows that something is going on which none of the people who voted for the UPFA at the August election will like. Continue reading “Has Mahinda Just Thrown his Key Supporters to the Wolves?”

Updates coming!

The results of August 18 can be described simply as a victory of lies, slander, and dirty tricks: evil won over the forces of good.

A full, detailed analysis will be made shortly.

Until then, let’s see how the dust settles.

Mahinda-phobia: Only the Mad Would Vote for Ranil

Looking objectively, not a single valid, factual, logical reason exists which would permit a sane person to vote against Mahinda. And underlying every illogical attack on Mahinda is thinly veiled anti-Sinhala, anti-Buddhist bigotry.

This blatant, shameless racism against the Sinhalese race, the Sinhalese-Buddhist nation and civilization, is what causes the vile, militant, base, and crude anti-Mahinda sentiment among the NGO-cabal, certain foreign agents, certain political parties, and the majority of Sri Lanka’s newspapers, TV stations and political websites.

The first signs of this new disease could be seen in the last 12 months of the war. As victory for the Sri Lankan government became more and more likely, the allegations about war crimes, the threats and intimidation, the suspension of aid, all began to be ratcheted up. As Mahinda refused to bend to the will of the various nefarious, conniving forces who were arrayed against him and the future safety and security of Sri Lanka — and principally of the Sinhalese Buddhist civilization — the attacks on Mahinda himself, his character, and his family began.

Mahinda’s re-election in 2010 left these forces in disarray, but they did not give up. In 2015 they thought they achieved their goal. But now as Mahinda appears to be on the cusp of a return to his rightful place — at the helm of this nation, leading it to greatness — those forces are now rabid. They have an irrational, all-encompassing, hatred of Mahinda. A condition that can only be explained as a phobia: Mahinda-phobia.

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Ranil’s Increasing Desperation as UNP Runs Out Of Time

With just 2 weeks left to polling day, there are obvious signs of severe strain in the UNP camp. Cynicism and lies seem to be their only weapons.

Since my last analysis (available here), the UNP campaign has been unable to gain mainstream traction. Hence, their strategy has shifted, taking on a more desperate bent. Importantly, the campaign has lost its united approach. Ranil heads the campaign nationally, but the UNP workers, MPs, and ministers are all saying and doing different things in different places. “Kandaheliyak” seems to be the best description.

Summary of the UNP campaign: Ranil sad, Sirisena looking elsewhere. From Lanka Independent.

Ranil appears to have dropped his pet project, the infamous “pokuru gammana,” for unknown reasons. After the TNA’s demands for federalism, he has also stopped talking about forming a “national government,” instead insisting against all evidence that the UNP will secure a majority on their own. Also vanishing are the combined portraits of SWRD and DS Senanayake first seen at the UNP’s inaugural rally. No sign is visible either of the much-hailed “UNFGG,” which appears to have been dropped in favor of the more recognizable “UNP” title. It is also rare to hear the infamous “yahapalanaya” catchphrase.

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UPDATED: Ravi Blames Shooting on “Mahinda’s Terrorism”

UPDATE1 Aug 1, 2015: Initial investigations by police reveal this was most likely an internal gang-fight between two groups of underworld working for different UNP candidates source.

Ravi Karunanayake, of Sathosa and alleged Raj Rajaratnam money-laundering fame, blames “Mahinda’s terrorism” for a shooting that claims life of a UNP worker.

This sort of disgusting political opportunism is reprehensible, and shows just what “yahapalanaya” really means in the eyes of Ravi, Mangala, Ranil, and the rest of the UNP goons.

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Ranil’s Deal With The TNA Devil And Prabhakaran’s Ghost

Ranil’s thirst for power is insatiable. He lost 29 elections in a row to date, but still won’t resign. Now he’s joining with the TNA.

The TNA has been very clear in its manifesto. They want the merging of the Northern province and Eastern province. They want this merged entity to be named a State in a federalized Sri Lanka. They want their own governing regime for this entity. Tellingly, on the manifesto launch, each of the TNA leaders began their speeches with “Our undisputed leader Prabhakaran.”

Ranil needs the TNA more than they need him. From: SundayTimes

So basically, what they could not get through terrorism, the TNA now wants for free from Ranil. They want nothing less than Eelam.

It is an electoral impossibility for Ranil to obtain 113 seats on his own. To get that number, he absolutely must join up in an Axis of Eelam with the TNA, JVP, and SLMC.

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Ranil’s Scary New Obsession With Villages

The “pokuru gammana” (පොකුරු ගමිමාන) initiative does not bode well for innocent villagers.

Sri Lanka’s great strength is its thousands of villages scattered across the island. It is from this simple life that some of our greatest heroes and leaders have emerged. And it is the Sri Lankan village – with its paddy fields, reservoirs, and temples – that forms the basic foundation of the Sinhalese Buddhist civilization, and which allowed this civilization to flourish over three millennia.

The village economy. From Financial Times, Sri Lanka.

The majority of our people live in villages. The majority of our soldiers come from villages. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s strongest support comes from the villages. And let us not forget that it was the villages that suffered the brunt of the terrorist crimes committed by the foreign-backed Tamil terrorist war machine.

Mahinda helped the villages throughout his tenure as president. He ensured decent prices for village produce, began an unprecedented programme of electricity, clean water, and telecommunications provision, improved transport links and access to education facilities.

Villagers therefore recognized Mahinda as the one politician of recent times who was truly on their side. It is for this reason that even at the time of his lowest popularity, at the January 8 election, Mahinda won virtually every single Sinhalese-majority district.

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