Beware Sri Lankan “Moderates” Bearing Good Governance

How those preaching good governance are just shills for a foreign extreme-left neocolonial agenda.

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Sri Lanka’s wannabe John Oliver, only a lot less funny. Also, he’s a “moderate.” From here.

Let me start by asking you some very moderate, reasonable questions.

Isn’t rule of law good? Isn’t corruption bad? Isn’t ethnic harmony good? Isn’t racism bad? Isn’t trade good? Isn’t economic stagnation bad? Isn’t it better to have foreign allies? Isn’t it bad to be isolated? Isn’t development good? Isn’t debt bad?

Isn’t a fresh young leader good? Isn’t an old stale leader bad? Isn’t media freedom good? Isn’t censorship bad? Isn’t a small cabinet good? Isn’t a jumbo cabinet bad? Isn’t animal welfare good? Isn’t elephant abuse bad? Isn’t investigation of crimes good? Isn’t covering up crimes bad? Isn’t democracy good? Isn’t dictatorship bad?

Those who ask these questions seem very reasonable. Of course, all those things they list as being good, are good. And all those things they say are bad, are bad. What sensible citizen would want racism, or want to be sanctioned by foreign countries, or want criminals to go unpunished?

But when Sri Lankan “moderates” ask these reasonable questions, what they are really asking is this: Isn’t Ranil good? Isn’t Mahinda bad?

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Tragedy in Kandy — so many coincidences

Evolving story. Please read in conjunction with earlier political FakeNews attacks here and here. More bad actors exposed here.

Trying to piece together what the hell just happened in Kandy.

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And a chilling announcement exactly one week prior by Rajitha, one of the first coup plotters of 2015:

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#FakeNews Strikes Again

Please also see latest updates here.

It is extremely sad to see the country heading into a disaster yet again under the NGO-backed Ranil and Sirisena regime.

Following on from the earlier #FakeNews attack on Sri Lanka last month, the NGOs are back at it again now.

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The shady NGOs have reactivated their plan from February 11th 2018, and are yet again trying to interfere with Sri Lankan politics and the Sri Lankan democratic process by connecting Mahinda Rajapaksa and the SLPP with the present failure of law and order in their puppet regime of Ranil and Sirisena.

They are deliberately exploiting the unrest in the country to further their political agenda of preventing the patriotic, development-oriented Mahinda and his SLPP party from returning to power.

They are acting in total desperation since Mahinda’s victory in the Local Government election, and are now clutching at straws trying to prevent his return to power.

They are trying to delay the no confidence vote, prolong their illegitimate government, and possibly postpone the upcoming presidential and general elections.

I have compiled a few more of their suspiciously coordinated tweets here:

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Beware of this!

Fight against #FakeNews and #බොරුපුවත්.

Call for a new General Election NOW!

Rewriting the British Empire


The British Empire dramatically changed Sri Lanka. The actions it took in Sri Lanka were only based on what would increase their power and wealth, and what would bring most benefits back home to the far away motherland. The legacy they left behind is mixed.

We have a system of laws, a parliament, and franchise-based governance which is derived from the British model. These are good things. However, the British Imperialists also planted the seeds of many of our current problems – these originate from the occupation period, but their persistence is our own fault.

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Sirisena’s Media Masters and The Island’s Alternate Reality


Sri Lanka’s English language newspaper “The Island” gained a following for its strong anti-terrorist position during the war years. However, its recent obsession with Maithripala Sirisena is cause for serious concern regarding the objectivity and democratic credentials of its editorial board.

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The Enemies of the State now Love the Constitution!

Ranil and Mahendran. Screenshot from Colombo Telegraph.

The coup plotters who mobilized in 2014 to remove Mahinda Rajapaksa from power through the spread of baseless allegations, stirring up of communalism and racism throughout the country, and a well-orchestrated campaign of #FakeNews, are in a complete state of denial about the earthquake that happened on February 10th 2018.

They are coming up with all kinds of contrived mathematics, theories and other nonsensical blabber about why the Ranil-Sirisena regime must continue.

The most ludicrous is Mangala “18 billion dollar” Samaraweera’s claim that Rajapaksa’s vote share has decreased. If we add the 45% Mahinda received with the 15% the SLFP received, which is what will happen if a general or presidential election were to take place, then the SLPP will obtain at least 60%! But what do you expect from Mangala, a failed “tailor” who doesn’t have a higher education.

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February 10th Aftermath

The path ahead for Sirisena and Ranil reveals no good options for them. Here are my projections.

  1. Continue with the pre-February 10th arrangement: the UPFA MPs currently on the government benches could carry on, ignoring the fact that the party they represent no longer exists. With the general election campaign starting just 1 year from now, and the certainty of their defeat, it is unlikely that the UPFA are so blind as to go on this self-destructive path. –Low Probability.
  2. Party reorganization: this entails the hard core anti-Mahinda UPFA MPs joining the UNP, along with Sirisena himself. A UNP majority government could then form, with support from the JVP and TNA. This would bring some degree of security to Sirisena and allow the apartheid-style anti-majority Ranil government to continue. –High probability.

    However, importantly, they would be deprived of a 2/3 majority and so would not be able to enact any further policies which would damage the country. The ruling UNP regime would also lose all pretense of being a national government, and all their policies would be enacted without the semblance of inclusivity on which the “good government” circus relied for legitimacy.

    The majority of the UPFA MPs would join the Joint Opposition. The UPFA would then become the Official Opposition and obtain the posts of Leader of the Opposition as well as Chief Opposition Whip. At the time of the next general election, the SLFP/UPFA would be liquidated, and the current UPFA MPs would contest under the SLPP banner.

  3. Immediate dissolution: the parliament in its present form would respect the people’s damning verdict and would voluntarily pass a Bill to dissolve itself. This would entail respecting the citizens of the country and also would stabilize the country. As this is the most dignified and honorable option, it is the least likely path the UNP/JVP/TNA/SLMC/SLFP rogues will take. –Low probability.

    Ranil has no intention of fighting yet another election campaign. He looks to be in terrible health, and recalling how exhausted he seemed at the end of the general election campaign in 2015, the thought of fighting again so soon after the disastrous local government polls must send shivers down his spine.

    Furthermore, this path represents an existential threat to Sirisena because the electorate would return an overwhelming SLPP majority to the parliament, and as the new government, the SLPP would more likely than not activate impeachment proceedings against him.

All in all these these are three very bad options. Ranil and Sirisena are standing on a volcano of popular discontent, stuck between a rock and a hard place, while a giant tsunami of opposition is crashing down from above. This is what happens when those unfit and unable to lead are wrongly elevated to the highest offices in the land.

Sri Lanka’s Second Declaration of Independence

This local election was first and foremost a battle for the heart of the Sinhala patriotic movement. It was a battle for the soul, the true essence, of the SLFP — or more accurately, the party which was once known as the SLFP. It was never really about whether the UNP would get the most votes or not (which happily, they did not achieve despite all the delays and fudging going on, even as these words are typed).

What we have seen yesterday is the utter decimation of the SLFP. That once great party was formed as a patriotic counterbalance to the Imperialist-minded UNP. Sirisena, through desperation to cling to the power he is not fit for, decided to gift the SLFP right back into the hands of the UNP.

The Sinhala patriotic masses gave him a swift response. They went overwhelmingly back to their Appachchi. The resounding result for the SLPP was in fact a second declaration of Independence, this time against the neo-colonialist brown stooges who wormed their way into power through spreading false allegations against Mahinda and tried to return the country to servitude.

The people have spoken loud and clear. They reject the colonial-style witch hunts, the trumped up charges, and the vilification and harassment of their war winning leader Mahinda Rajapaksa and the war heroes who defeated the world’s most ruthless Tamil terrorists. They reject the destruction of the economy, the kowtowing to the former imperialists, and the snubbing of China. They reject the new constitution which would return the country to domination by a foreign-backed Christian minority. They reject the indignities that their nation, history, culture, and civilization have been subjected to for the past 3 years.

Sirisena, who absurdly claimed that he represented the Bandaranaike legacy just a day before the election, has suffered a total strategic defeat. The party he purportedly leads no longer exists. As such, the cabal of greedy UPFA MPs and ministers who still hang on to Sirisena have absolutely no mandate: again, their party does not exist.

There is literally no coming back from this.

The only logical action to take is the dissolution of parliament and a new general election.