Here are some pretty damning videos, highlighting the treachery and terror-appeasement of the “good governance” brigade that seized power illegally and unconstitutionally on January 9th 2015, thanks to their pambaya Sirisena.

1. The infamous Pamankada-Alimankada video from Sri Lanka’s unelected, illegal, finance minister of “Sathosa” fame.

2. A gona talks about how easy it is to carry out war. Strangely, their “illustrious,” 29-election-losing leader Ranil was not able to do this “easy” task while he was in charge.

3. Ranil, the unelected illegal prime minister of Sri Lanka mocks the liberation of Thoppigala, a heavily fortified, vital strategic point in the Eastern province, believed by foreign “experts” to be unassailable.

More to follow. If you find anything else that should be here, please paste the link in the comments below or tweet to me @wayforwardnow

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